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Women in Leadership Role & Qualities they bring

The Story Behind It This blog came after discussing with few people and the buzz word that there should be more female in leadership position. While some women might have received some mean comments something that they are progressing is about of their gender. God...

Attitude is the seed for the leadership development journey

The Story Behind It I was reading a post on LinkedIn about how a leader in a team can make or break the environment. How team mirrors that leader’s attitude? And my mental maths says it is not said leader but anyone who is the leader and showcase leadership qualities....

Leadership Lessons from Zelensky

The Story Behind It What you feed your mind is reflecting in your thoughts and sometimes in writing. this is one is something that rubbed on my mind  By BHOOMI DIWA As much as I want to refrain from commenting on the war situation. I am amazed by the way Zelensky is...