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The Story Behind It

With the new news of layoff by Microsoft also and after so many layoff(s) from so many companies, it seems like the layoff and firing is a new norm. Till recently it seemed like a decent dream but with one of my NLP Practitioner, it didn’t seemed like a decent dream.  Especially considering the world’s economy is under lot of pressure we will see this more happening. If we know if this is going to happen or if it has already happened what can we do? 


Let’s assume you are the lucky one and haven’t seen the pink slip yet. As a salaried person, we are living on paycheck to paycheck mechanism so this is a good time to check on your finances, medical needs and personal belongings. Thumb rule is always have 6 months of liquid cash including to pay basic needs like loan payment, insurance payment etc. If required cut down on your spending. Keep your resume, linkedin and network updated on regular basis. Invest time in networking and also be aware of what is happening so that in case of lay off you know where are opportunities and you can quickly jump on to the new position quickly. Don’t make it public that you are looking for opportunity yet.


But let’s say you are one of those who are part of the list. What can you do? I would say breathe first and learn to negotiate with your employer on severance packages and duration of the benefits and payment. Know your rights depending upon the country. Can you enroll for unemployment benefits? Also remain calm don’t let emotions get best of you. In such mass layoffs your chances of getting new job will not be impacted. It should remain professional and ethical so that you still genuine feedback when they are contacted for your referral. 

Once you had done your part of the bargain, next step is too take longer and deeper breath. Take time to deal with emotions considering you are dealing at part of identity and how to use the emotions to drive towards action rather than procrastination or sulking. Take a quick break and connect with 2-3 support system who can help you with different perspective on situation. This might be an opportunity than a crisis. Once you come back try to maintain the same schedule as pre-layoff days like time to wake-up, time for work out and time to effectively search for the job. Is there a learning in process or feedback from the situation like developing new skills making your yourself more employable. Reach out to social network and other ways to inform that you are available for opening. Keep yourself busy in work may be focus on your hobby with will help you to have additional income to give you some breathing space to think. If you get interview calls be thoroughly prepared with company’s culture, work environment and their niche apart from your subject so that you are able to focus on the value you bring to table.

“How we respond to something is just as important—if not more important—than our initial reaction.
~ Michael Thomas Sunnarborg, 

No adversity comes unless we can handle it and make us grow. A fire that can burn everything around it can be used to brighten the place using it as the flame of a candle. So, your response will determine if we get burned in the situation or rise from our ashes.