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The Story Behind It

This blog came after discussing with few people and the buzz word that there should be more female in leadership position. While some women might have received some mean comments something that they are progressing is about of their gender. God bless something who is vouching for the leadership role.


I must add the disclaimer before we proceed further gender doesn’t determine leadership skills. Leadership skills are gender neutral more based on temperament and strength of an individual. Then why the fuss in the world to add more women to leadership roles? It is just to have a more balanced view. Because everybody brings their unique qualities to the table.

Funny thing in the whole context is that we forget that we wanted females to on that table because of the exceptional qualities. Let’s talk about the female’s qualities before we give our verdict. Generally, females are more attuned to their emotional sides and are apt to have better emotional intelligence. This means if there are challenging including crisis situations, they can understand the dynamics well and respond well to the situation and diffuse tension. Since they had to struggle or sometimes fight to get to leadership position, they defy the odds. We look amusingly for talking too much which is an asset for leadership. As a leader you need to communicate your ideas and have people onboard with your ideas. They are few people who are empathetic and are more inclusive. This sometimes come naturally to females with the grooming during early years. Since they are juggling with lot of things, they are first one to promote work life balance and understand each one problem easily. Since way our societies are structured, they are not the one to take the commanding position rather they are servant leaders. May be that’s why you see more scrum masters and Agile coaches as females. From being the servant leader and multitasking no wonder, it makes sense to see the world from a different perspective when you bring a female or any person with these qualities while focus on the bottom line and top line is the end requirement of the business. 

“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence. ~ Sheryl Sandberg”

Women a learn a lot from the men but it’s like a handshake. Both sides of the coins are important, if you are dreaming big and not bringing the money it wouldn’t work. If you are increasing the bottom line at the cost of human, your business will bound to fail in due time. People will flourish and bring their passionate side when they feel safe. Balance is the key.  

If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader ~ Dolly Pardon

But next time you see a woman being targeted to mean
comments help them understand the unique skillset. 

P.S.;- Before men bash me only writing from women’s perspective I acknowledge what men put forward especially in leadership role. I  will blog on it soon.