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It has been very interesting to understand human behaviour and its follicles . Life is never about black and white. It’s always about some grey’s . But this seemed to me an interesting topic for professional topic what happens when we have a female alpha in a team.
When I studied various group I realized that there must be at least one alpha female. But starting to explain more on the topic . let’s understand who is the alpha women . Alpha women is not the one who is most attractive , powerful or domineering woman but alpha woman is the one who is the natural leader of the group of females . It is very strange that as females we have been mentally structured either to accept  an alpha female or become an alpha female. This has been captured beautifully by Wayne Drane how females have been brought up to cooperate even in adverse situations.
We as females are groomed that to share , cooperate and play fair. They are strong to adapt to the situation . So in short females have been brought to either take up the position of alpha female or follow the alpha female. There is one un/spoken leader in a  group of females . All females follow the alpha social grace in the society. Other follow the social clues of the alphas. Alphaness is the degree of the leadership quality . Alpha females are social conductors while others are orchestra  and help to navigate the business meetings. In a group of the females , if you alpha woman leaves nobody knows what to do . Rest woman are left on their own and even men in that group don’t know .  If there are no alpha woman the discussion will become boring and weird . But let’s assume when we have 2 alpha women in the team , both will fight and may be turn out to be the cat fight . This was the turning point when I started to write the blog where I got to realize that if a new alpha woman join the group where there is an already an alpha woman , new alpha woman has to mellow down or she will be kicked out pretty soon. Reason is simple group dynamics get disturbed  when  two alpha females competing to be the social conductor and non-alpha females aren’t sure whom to follow. If the old alpha woman has strong hold on the environment and people , new alpha woman ‘s alphaness will not work and ultimately she will move where she will be appreciated and admired .Strangely it is not the woman who are scared of alpha woman but alpha man are scared of the alpha female since she has more social grace in business world .

So no matter what you believe you can’t live with alpha female and you can use her to advantage rather than making her your enemy 

P.S.:- This blog was driven by the scenario which I recently observed and wanted to pen down … Next I will write how to increase the alphaness in you