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By Bhoomi Diwa

Idea of this blog came when I was discussing with a friend that how these times will be changing us psychologically. Creative souls will be the most impacted in these times.Creative people originally are the ones who have highten feeling and express those feeling through art.

When environment is such that people around you are always negative and spreading negativity. All the life-coaches and gurus are saying if you can’t utilize this time then the problem was not about the time but your dedication. Then there are set of few people who have taken a lot and are overwhelmed by whatever is happening and want to part of everything.And top of that when our major giants IT leaders are demanding us to work more at office front also. Complexity is added more because when you are in lockdown. even though lockdown is easing but many of us will not be able to go to office soon. Does that mean we will also hear about  Karoshi ? Karoshi was the word origined in Japan. Japan is facing a unique problem where young people are dying of overwork. This word was coined in 1978 when  there was huge increase of death and sucide due to overwork.

People are losing track of time and way they are expected to work has become demanding . There has been joke going around that there is no sunday , monday but thisday thatday . The concept of weekend was there to relax and be full recharged for the work. With new normal of asking employees to work 24*7 days productivity of the people is going down, either they are overwhelmed or they don’t know how to deal with everything what is happening . For those who have lost the job they are in survival mode.

Japan had less population and high suicide rate means losing their key resources and potential, India has huge population and people might be headed for the new pandemic with low gdp , covid counts to start rising exponentially now since lockdown can just prolong spread but it lead to individuals to handle situation and mental agony get added. India doesn’t have strong EQ people while we have all high IQ people. So most of us are not taught anywhere during our growing up how to deal with difficult situations . We are just expected to respect hierarchy  both at personal and professional front. We have learn to prioritize things and say NO when required

“Balance is the key to survive this crisis”. Being too overwhelmed or being lazy will not help . Calm and Relaxed mind will only help to take the decision

Before this situation arises where we have to follow Japan’s footsteps and land up writing research paper on”how to stop suicide” . We should first acknowledge our boundaries and later others .

First of all, learn to acknowledge and name the feeling you have .i.e. try to dig deep and say i am feeling financial shortage etc and have become overwhelmed and anxious.

If someone near you is facing this, give them safe environment to speak. if this is you , please talk to someone who is neutral and non-judgemental about it not necessarily family member. 

Then list down what you want to achieve and focus on on 1 or 2 skills only . if you chew more than you can take , you spit everything out and that will be ugly and you will not be doing justice to the money you are spending.  

Plan your day also with a schedule for meeting , exercise – even if you do for 15 minutes it will help. Try to do only one task at a time and not be overwhelmed with the list ahead . This has happened to me few days back i was cooking while people pinging for calls . Cleaning when I should be doing breathing exercises and everything felt over the place. Before I sleep , I look for the time and duration for each activity and focus on things I can achieve . Within the day also , sometimes some priorities changes . 

But big planning you need your creative time – Like I have kept 30 minutes on daily basis and if I don’t get it trust me my mood is bad. I am learning to say no to the things which are not adding value to my soul and core.

15 minutes of fresh mind is more productive than a tired and mentally exhausted person. We will land up with more issues than we can create the economy 

Balance is the key , find your equilibrium and hang in their .Don’t be overwhelmed with what others say but look for what your heart wants otherwise Japan will be in India . For what Japan hasn’t been able to find solution, India will tag along . Before we go that lane , find your equilibrium and prolong the  karoshi’s pandemic delay when we are focused on delaying co-vid