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After writing some heavy blogs , I wanted to keep this week light , easy and breezy but with meat to ponder upon. This idea came up after I had posted few pictures some on whatsapp , some on instagram and with every comment I had received compliment that I have always maintained the grace irrespective of the dress I had worn and some asked how do I maintain that. First of all ,Thanks for the compliments everyone and I will like to pass some of the credit to my grandmom , she taught me most of my dressing style. She was the most stylish and graceful lady I have ever met , I can be 10% baised towards her :-). For me style is the extension of my thoughts which I believe in or resonate with. If after 20 years you see yourself in any dress and you have hide then that’s not stylish in my definition.

First rule of the thumb, Wear what you like not what  trend people are following or  market is oozing about .Make your own trend, Be you , this will not only makes you stand out from the crowd but also help you in all front of life because you are wearing what you love and there is unsaid happiness in it and it will be shown in your behaviour while interacting with people around you.

In my own cousin’s wedding I wore the gown which when I had my first trial made me feel like princess and was just made for me . End result, I was happy and was on top of the world and pictures reflect that … I was even questioned by my near and dear ones for that  and was given suggestion to wear a lehenga .I choose the dress because that was the authentic me and I was happy being me , Shred the voices around you and learn to hear your inner voice , trust me you will sleep better and enjoy the moment

Second rule of thumb, whatever you wear, you should be comfortable in your skin. The test I do is if I have to walk in that room and if my father or grandmom is there whether he or she  would be comfortable to see me . That person could be  anybody you respect. It’s not about the full length or cut sleeves or anything you wear but how you carry that dress. If you are not comfortable in the dress it will show in some form

I had once travelled to Norway with white theme in my mind , I had worn white offshoulder dress. Those pics are the best pics of mine because I was comfortable , even for shoes I could have worn high heels but for me comfort was important so I wore the red sneakers and carried with panache.If somebody would have asked me to hike that day I could have done . I had gone to travel so walking comfortably yet looking elegant was my ask and I owned that look. Picture will speak louder about it.

If I have to put philosphical , there is a very thin line between bikni and lingerie , never forgot that difference

Third rule of thumb , never wear anything which doesn’t add to your charm . Be it the cloth fabric you select or the colour you choose . Everything has to be authentic and charming to that level. Any colour dress which is not comfortable to you , you will not be able to wear why bother others with rude mood  just because you are not comfortable. Each dress you wear should bring out the signature of who you are.
Like I am not comfortable with leopard print at this stage and nobody ever saw me wearing it in last 2-3 years. I have a more affinity towards pink and a lot get reflected with ease I carry shades of pink . Wear the colour that makes you feel more vibrant and energized . Choose and own it.

Fourth rule , dress has to fit on you , like it was meant for you . If the fitting of the dress isn’t right , there is something missing and you will give away in your expression so be you. I had my days also where I had worn something which was either too tight or too loose and that reflected in my body language … So now just dress to kill

Fifth rule , wear the attire as per the place. When in rome do as roman do.  This is important because you want to stand out of the crowd with your signature style but you don’t want to look out of the place. Like I never wear offshoulder dress or party dresses to office . I am not into modeling industry. In India , I always try to wear  min. calf length dresses. It’s nothing wrong in wearing short dresses but just that people around are not ready to see me in that avatar in person and I don’t mind wearing denim with long kurtis for my safety 🙂

Lastly , I don’t add mulitiple things in one look and try to use the basic theme to enhance the overall look. Normally my dresses will be in one basic colour or some very basic embroidery or simple cuts or  some light flowery prints to blend with my skin texture .Dress I wear should enhance me not other way round. Too much of anything will make it look cluttered and that’s not who I am . I get put off after looking at heavy worked suit, dresses. If I have one theme , I try to accessorize minimal and suit that theme . Minimisalism is the motto that works for me. Classy is my mantra and I want to carry it thoughout my life

Hope these tips were worth reading for you also . It was fun for me to revisit my own picture and define my style

Everywhere you go add a little sparkle of who you are and enjoy the magicland being created