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Black Coffee fad has risen expediently like rock music with the beer in hand to sound cool. Black coffee is like latest Dilwale movie kind of romance where you don’t feel any depth in emotions. People spend time because dating is in fashion. People of my generation will say wtf? We have innate sense that beyond a point we can’t even abuse. But whom are we talking about? Generation of instant gratification is only focussed on anything that seems cool be it about boozing around or relationship status. How does your relationship status define you but how many of can get to know that if you haven’t seen what the real relationship should be? Imagine Cady is back to USA after her African safari trip to be surrounded by plastics she treats everybody as friends. Only to be finding in the end that they were having snake venom ready to bite her. Why plastics allowed her to be around them because they were insecure and Cady take her place. Just are the relationship Black coffee has seen and considered going out as relationship. I call them black coffee because coffee is the most liberating thing which can help you to survive lot of diseases like dementia but people without researching go for black coffee in excess and end up with acidity and sometimes early death. Anytime you can’t handle anything and take it without implications of it, you act like a Black Coffee vinyl. Be it time with your alone self. Love will always be in fashion but never dating, dating is just means to find love but time pass affairs are not. When you learn to find balance in life within yourself you will attract the right kind of coffee with which you can enhance longevity. I am not against coffee drinking but only after knowing what balanced quantity is and how to be taken.  Like love, love coffee as fresh breath of air which just simulates the creativity in soul. If you are drinking black coffee take it pinch of salt and at your own risk because accidents at bad seat does more harm.