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Before commencing on the journey of black pearl from my eyes, black pearl is nothing but most exquisite form of beauty which represents royalty and wisdom so was the black pearl gal. Like pearl her soul was pure, honest and like black mystified and wise walking with the utmost dignity even after being robbed of her innocence couple of times. Black Pearl always amused me with her contraction of being a strong-willed business person yet so fragile and child like. She was far more mature than her age some said because of the decision she took while I believe she was on her divine path. Many people came to her life some wanted to marry her , some for you know what but she had a layer all around her and many people couldn’t cross that. Many people never had that energy to stick around and understand the deep soul of her. Standing on the cross road all alone and revisiting the past made her cry couple of times rather than bringing smile to her face. After surrounding her with lies of lies that everything is alright and she is happy for no reason the only gift she cherished in some many years by her most beloved Sparkle. True Value of a diamond is appreciated by a jeweler and sparkle was one of them who strengthen her spark and pun. With another failure falling on her kitty black pearl again felt lost  but this time she felt bolt as her faith on the Almighty shake like never before. Each failure before has strengthened her faith on HIM. This time she did after reading the Omen but what possibly can go wrong she could never comprehend. Black Pearl forgot pearl is black because of salt water and produced by the black-lipped oyster known as Pinctada Margaritifera, native to French Polynesian islands. White pearl oysters rarely produced naturally black pearls, and black pearl oysters rarely produced any natural pearls at all. Disturbed with her shaking faith she forgot black pearl couldn’t be crafted so easily and this was one of those moments where hammer had stuck her hard only to bring out best in her. But who will have the courage to tell her that this was just one more technique to pass astuteness to her. With failing and rising belief couple of times in a day, she is still walking towards the grandest ramp where I know God will never let her fall down. I just want to embrace her to comfort her with jadu ki jappi but I know that will only destroy her zeal to fight this time. Only lines from my side for her are

“Today surrounded by all dazzling fake smiles, I wish her quest for sincere laugh makes her search for that radiance which once brought smile on black pearl”

I believe we have some share of black pearl within us also but each time we forget to cherish the crafting of black pearl when faced with adversities. If some else has not valued the black pearl within you it’s not your loss. No situation cann’t rob you of your fineness, value and excellences. Remember the beauty of pearl and enjoy just being yourself.