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Strangely we live in the society where herd behaviour is being forced upon us. Before moving further let me explain you why Herd behaviour describes how individuals in a group can act collectively without centralized direction. The term can refer to the behaviour of animals in herds, packs, bird flocks, fish schools and so on,. We are even scared to be different from our pack since we will not be entertained so much by other pack. sometimes its important to maintain the herd behaviour since we want the decorum in the society to be maintained. Some basic essence needs to be there in the society for remaining free from crime and basic things to progress in right manner. But somewhere we have lost the individuality. We have stopped speaking our minds to confirm to the herd behaviour. Do we know our choices ? Let me think we study either of 1) Doctor 2) Law 3) Engineering. For higher studies either it can be law. Rest if kids don’t follow this category they will be called useless even if they have potential to be multi millionaire but somebody rightly said intellectuals can never be understood by common people but they will have their own insecurities to bring you down. During the group forming stages you will also understand that during 5 stages of group formation of Forming, ,Storming, Norming , Performing and Adjourning. People who don’t follow the norm of the group are left alone and can’t go further in the performing stage. So its just an innate need of the people to form the herd and those who are not they will try to align them by name saying or ignoring such people to weaken them by their mind. But do people who have an opinion of their own would be bothered by such behaviour. If yes, then they will part of herd. And there are instances where Herd have become the mob and shown the episodes of the humans in demonstrations, riots and general strikes. The concept of the mob was first identified by French psychologists Gabriel Tarde and Gustave Le Bon. There have been instances where crowd which has  gather on behalf of a grievance can involve herding behavior that turns violent, particularly when confronted by an opposing ethnic or racial group. The Los Angeles riots of 1992, New York Draft Riots are some of the Mob behaviour infamous in US. Gujarat riots in 1969, 2002 are some of the examples of the same. So, if I have to describe whether herd behaviour is good or not. I will always say it will be nice if the mob behaviour will align with the righteous path. If its not the righteous path , please become the leader  and have strength in the vocal cord to put forward your point. Because somewhere today only I read to avoid unnecessary emotional drama in your life when you will be fighting against the herd mind-set be prepared to Become BAD once if staying GOOD always is not helping you. When I said bad , I meant people will start calling you bad for even the righteous behaviour.

So be part of herd till you are on righteous path for your financial, physical and emotional well being else enjoy the journey where you be name called as BAD by the mob 😛