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When this mango person (I) had lost hope from today’s music to appease her soul, her rockstar spirit just wanted to sing Sadda Haq Aithe Rakh. After hearing all the mango songs I just wanted to scream “tera dar,tera pyaar ,teri waah,tu hi rakh,rakh sale” This rage might have entered into a vicious circle if not Dhunki ,apt to its name – magical spell was all around me in another vicious circle. Next I found my love for the music and plethora of emotions I was going through beautifully articulated in lines “Teri Meri Prem Kahani”. Hymning the lines “katiya karoon” and I fancy that this elusive feeling never ends . When you keep on walking chanting “Isq Risk”, you just want to eliminate “Ik Tu Hi Tu Hi” from your darkest dream. I crave my mind to tune to “Koi dil bekaabu kar gaya aur ishqa dil mein bhar gaya aankhon aankhon mein wo laakhon gallan kar gaya oye o rabba main to mar gaya oye shaidai mujhe kar gaya kar gaya oye”and this channel is never atuned. Longing for the euphoria where I know the without music I can say “Pooore se zara sa kam hain Pooore se zara sa kam hain tera mera hona to hai tere mere hone se
tu fiza hamari hum mausam hain tu nadi hai kinara tera hum hain haan dhara tera hum hain bin tere hum to poore se zara sa kam hain”