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Whenever I see Veronica I don’t see her as a gal who sleeps around with every guy without giving a damn about it. I see somebody who is hollow in herself and living an artificial life. She likes limelight and does a lot of action to remain and liked by people. She is somebody who needs validation of a society yet in a cult manner. She wants to prove to the world that is she is nice so she lets a helpless gal. Was Meera actually helpless or was suffering from low self-esteem? I can’t comment. Did Gautam fell in love with Meera on first sight and Veronica was just a there to be laid? Did Meera fell in love with Gautam or was he actually his habit?

To me, Veronica was a lonely soul who has spent a lot with guys so much that she can read and understand any guy’s vibes from a distance. That’s why she cries in front of Meera that I was one who recognized goodness in Gautam not you. Veronica has always treated Meera at a lowest status than herself so her egos doesn’t get satisfied when Gautam leaves her for Meera. Gautam and Meera has always hated each other. Till the time you keep any emotion you are bound to fall in love is proved with this movie. Gautam has seen a lot of gals and who have been moved by his charisma and with Meera he got the challenge which interested him. Meera was pampered by a man for the first time and she fell for it.Human emotions are complex and you will require a lot of energies to go through it. Cocktail was just the cocktail of all emotions in one drink and like a true liquor its saaru will be felt for a long time.

I have tried to capture the rawest emotion in a naive manner to bring the effect of liquor out on canvas of white sheet.