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The Story Behind It

Will you trust anybody if fails on his words time and again? Will you be able to lead the people based on your mere words? Why is it we look in people?


We as human always look for predictability and shy away from anything creating unpredictability. Why? As a race, we had to face a number of the foremost unpredictable things like weather, other animals. So, we always sought out the predictability and consistency in everything and want to feel belonged.

And we keep hearing “consistent action leads to consistent results” and we can achieve success persistently. Let’s see why this happens? if you have a friend who will be around when it’s convenient for them? When times are challenging, they are nowhere to be seen? Will you consider them as friends? If you have an employee who has the best skills but doesn’t deliver what he promises? Will you trust them? In a world of instant gratification, how many want to do a troubled road for anybody else. Can you learn new skill till you have been consistent in that field for a long term and being valued for it? Can you brush your teeth once a month and think your teeth will be white and bright?


Consistency is nothing but doing the identical thing again and again till your next nature. Simon Sinek has mentioned currently we are always looking for the results instantly inducing intensity. This may result in short term result while consistency results in long term results and dividend on your efforts. In the teeth problem, if we go to the doctor and get our teeth fixed at a regular interval that’s intensity but brushing your teeth daily is consistency. We will not know what will happen when we miss it for a day or so immediately. When you will start to see the results you don’t know. The only thing known is if you don’t brush daily you can develop teeth related problems. So, consistency is not about quick results but more about making it small incremental steps for a while


So why is consistency important? As we have seen from above Consistency helps to build trust. People will know whether to trust based on your actions not on your words. There are a famous saying “Judge the people on actions than the words”.

Consistency is equivalent to predictability. All relationships foster when the environment is predictability. Inconsistency leads to uncertainty and stress. People will spend most of their time fighting it.

Consistency is a personal choice so it creates a personal responsibility. Individual, you can be either consistent to deliver what you commit to or not but consistency will be what you will be known for it.

Consistency builds your brand. Your reputation is awarded to you based on your actions by others. You need the consistent track records of what you believe

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” – Anthony Robbins

But How does consistency results in a better result? It means you must be committed to your persistent action over a long period. It requires you to develop some empowering habits and rituals. It makes you focus on the moment right now while maintaining the long-term vision. Consistency involves repeating the same actions; gaining feedback from these actions and adjusting them accordingly.


Many people fail to see the bigger picture and feel lost inconsistency when they don’t see the immediate results. Motivation doesn’t last but habits do. You must be able to think ahead to consider developing consistent habits to achieve your goals. You must be able to answer your why before starting and looking to develop any habit otherwise you will fall apart midway.


Hope this helps you develop the consistent habits in all spheres of your life