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When human being was not able to define the whimsical and capricious way of Mother Nature, he feared it and pantheon them as God. This puzzle seemed unfathomable for ages even by Great scientist. Its intensity can be understood by the famous statement by Einstein, who didn’t liked randomness in nature, “God doesn’t play dice”. The world has always kept surprising us and defining it in deterministic terms appeared distant dream till Edward Lorenz showed to the world through his Chaos Theory through his paper Butterfly Effect. When I read this theory I fell in love with mathematics “Ich leibe Es”. I am sorry to all those people who thought I might be writing about all the equation or how this theory evolved and I am just attaching the link for the same

I will try to put across the theory in the simple manner correlating with real- life and I hope Edward Lorenz and Mandelbrot will pardon me if I am incorrect anywhere from wherever they are looking.
”Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit”.
How many times have you found yourself saying that I am standing on the almost same cross roads? Even in astrology life is decided in the set each of 7 years where it is said you will experience same situation every 7 years. Even in the noise around us we can find the moments of silence, it’s like having a similar triangle and keep on pasting a smaller similar triangle on it from all sides, the view would be of figure or diagram which we wouldn’t be able to describe but it is following a pattern .In the nature this pattern never repeats only to finite times. If it is so straightforward what took mankind to discover it may be because Not only does God definitely play dice, but He sometimes confuses us by throwing them where they can’t be seen. I have always believed that God has given a jigsaw puzzle to be solved by each of us in this journey of life. So, on this journey we have to search for those concealed pieces and put them together. But if you find yourself in almost situation every now and then, it just means that we have not introspected ourselves and keep repeating the same mistake. All the chaos has a purpose in our life and follows an order. We have to learn our lesson well else we will keep experiencing the chaos. Although we are able to predict the stock market, weather and waterwheel through chaos theory but still universe’s nature or our life prediction can’t be complete in any definite manner as the Deity still has few tricks up his sleeve.