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The Story Behind It


I was reading a post on LinkedIn about how a leader in a team can make or break the environment. How team mirrors that leader’s attitude? And my mental maths says it is not said leader but anyone who is the leader and showcase leadership qualities. Then my mind started to race if somebody wants to develop their leadership how they can do it. With serendipity it clicked me that attitude boosts the learning curve of the leadership since as a leader someone must deal with lot of information. Responding or reacting to the information makes you an efficient or effective leader.


Let’s understand the key attitude which someone must have before we can think help someone in their leadership journey. If I must name, the attitude on top of my list is the humbleness. All throughout my career, leaders who have been impactful in my life are not the ones who are boastful and pompous but those down to earth, grounded individuals who have focused on others more than themselves. While they have the unique qualities which makes them confident at the same time, they are so humble and human that dealing, approaching them is easy for everyone. They have mastered the art of helping team understand there is no ‘I’ in the team. This happens because they are genuinely concerned about the other people. They want everyone to succeed in their endeavour personally or professionally. People accept tough lovers because the know tough love comes from the loving heart and part of the genuine interest and wish that people progress in life. Similarly, to be an effective leader sometimes we must showcase some tough love, we will have to some performance discussions but those are only heard by ones who we know are unbiased and genuine.
We don’t go to leaders just to talk and listen their just one way of doing things. They are the ones who are first open minded to learn and approach problems in new ways. They have an attitude of building alliances across the organizations, competitors to making progress in the journey. With this experience, they coach other people by showing the mirror and helping them navigate through resourceful which they have developed because of their growth mindset. So, an attitude to being resourceful including being a strong networker is vital key.

Sometimes curve balls are thrown at them randomly, and they ought to think and decide on their feet. To be a leader you not only have to follow through the decisions that you make but you need other people to follow your decision. So, people who can make an educated decision, convey the why of their decision and involve other in the decision making. This can be achieved if they have strong conviction. If change makers self-doubt their stand other people will be doubtful to follow the same direction.

Leaders are the people are responsible and accountable people. These people take ownership and accountability of their actions, behaviours. They showcase their integrity and are transparent &honest for failure while sharing the success with the team.

In short leadership doesn’t come from power it comes from the right base. It can be enhanced but without right bases we can’t plant the seeds of leadership in any individual unless they are ready to work on their attitude first.


“Being positive in an negative situation is not naive.It’s leadership”~ Anonmyous