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Somebody way back told me that we are energy bodies. The vibrations we sent it to universe is what we get back . Someone said what we seek is seeking us . We are not just the physical bodies we are the energy bodies ,if you are able to talk to somebody your and their energy bodies are at same level. These phrases were spoken to me way back in 2012. May be my mind was immature for such profound information at that time. But destiny had its sweet way to explain this to me. Some people learn it when other explain but I believe me I am one of those who learn it from my own mistakes. I shouldn’t be cribbing about it since I am still on my journey to learn which is must for the growth. The demonstration of this was achieved when I was suffering from strange wisdom toothache that my ear, head and everything on right side was aching , one of my friends gave me the hand of Fatima bracelet. Such was the omen and timing of the bracelet that may be the vibrations I was sending to the universe was of a weak soul that the energies of Fatima of patience was really required. The person who said about the vibrations had also mentioned to me all the stones etc we wear should be worn for specified time. When it has achieve its purpose either the stone will be lost or broken . You don’t have to alarmed about it but rather feel the purpose has been fulfilled . But I didn’t remembered the same line when my bracelet was broken without any purpose. So was my alarmed mind that I had ordered the another Fatima hand immediately but destiny is bigger than what we thought the distributor tried to send the amulet twice even when address was right it wasn’t delivered and  even after dedicated persuasion for 2 weeks we weren’t able to track it.  Finally my money was returned. That was turning point when I went back to my friend to get answers why all this occurred . But before writing an article I dig deep into this theory . It was similar to the fact that if I was vibrating at same frequency of the coffee I would have attracted cup of coffee in my life at that moment. If you are vibrating the energy of the person whom you haven’t met for a long time , you will strangely find that these people will contact you randomly either through an electronic/digital medium or catchup randomly . So the people you meet in your life always come for a reason and when some of the people reasons have been met they leave your life . Instead to get hooked up or attached you should let me go and realize the lesson they have shared with us. A man is only animal who can learn and grow but  require lot of support .You can leave dog and if he is given food he can survive while for the human he requires lot of love ,sometimes his ego needs to be fed.  If that is the case let us utilize your thinking ability to grow each day rather than pondering why me ? Learn to ask the right questions from the universe and universe will help you survive . if you ask whose fault is it ? You will get the answer but even in friendship it is a two-way street and both people are equally involved.Its both people fault and not an individual. You will get that answer even when you ask what is universe trying to teach me ? How to get better from here . Life is a journey and where we are learning each moment . Your attitude will decide how you perceive life . With time you will be sending the positive vibes, vibrations, gut whatever you want to call but whatever energies we send to universe we will get the same in the return not from lips but we feel /think at subconscious level.