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It was fun watching Sridevi on 70 mm after a long time. She was still the sweet, innocent and adorable person. English Vinglish has well defined characters. Sridevi who is an entrepreneur and independent in herself has a weakness that she can’t speak in English. Even though she is charming and come across amiable she is being ridiculed by her family especially her husband and her daughter for that. She comes to a point where she is being ridiculed by a waitress in US for her weakness. She feels sorry for herself and starts learning English. This is where the turning point of movie starts. She is being adored by all her classmates for her qualities but her husband still doesn’t value her. She is able to clearly mark the difference between the way her family treats and how outsiders treat her. This movie was all about how a lady is not valued for her true worth and how regains her self-esteem. When I view the movie I don’t look at for the English factor as the name suggests for the movie, but for the how somehow feels when her/his weakness is exploited by others even in light jokes. Sridevi conveys those emotions beautifully and you can actually see that she is taking even jokes in right spirit. While watching it, I was so engrossed in those moments that this was the only movie where I wasn’t predicting the next scenes. I know everybody could connect with the Sridevi and feel that they are re-living some part of their life on 70 mm. As English Vinglish was sweet, simple and crisp movie giving messages in a subtle manner but message were very bold in a way, I am writing on it in a crisp manner only.