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Eyes are the gate to your emotions. Somebody just told me this line. Your eyes will never lie. Wouldn’t have given it a second thought if I wasn’t watching Yuvraj Singh on “The Anupam Kher”. Thanks to the most contradicting story I was listening from Yuvraj Singh. Oh please don’t take me wrong when I say the word contradicting … I believe whatever Yuvraj said single word of it was correct else he wouldn’t be sitting there. What I saw in Yuvraj’s eyes was only pain and loneliness and fighting the cancer of 14 inches isn’t easy without love and positivity in heart. That’s why it was contradicting eyes. With each word from his mouth, it was clear he has suffered a lot from childhood. He may have been seen as boisterous creature but what he was never till date was a lonely soul. Can somebody adulated by masses at so young age can have some emotional unresolved issues? Imagine a dying man didn’t even carrying for his life but working with one sole aim of winning world cup. If it wasn’t for Yuvraj, played one of key roles apart from good performances from rest, we wouldn’t have won world cup. But what we were talking was his girlfriends? I was never aware of his childhood untill now. Strangely he is most humble man now. But will we realize this since he isn’t laughing much. He is num most of the times. But yuvraj strangely intrigued me so much that I had to Google a lot on emotional reasons for cancer because my gut that he wasn’t a pampered child was so clear and what he needs the most is love. He talks about his father but in very decent manner still conveying his emotions. Those are the unresolved emotions. These emotions are so high that he doesn’t want to get married also and says its tough for him to be in a loving relationship. How he has seen the falling apart from his 2 earlier emotions. Sometimes you are so rich and wealthy that people don’t even understand the back ground of the emotional status you belong. Once you have money people might surround you but judging your true friends and foes becomes tough when all you want is love. Now linking Google search result and yuvraj life was easy.
That time I understood the petty cause of the cancer is and will always be unresolved emotions and feeling from early on that you are not loved. Fans love couldn’t drive yuvraj to come back and fight at the very last stage if cancer. Its only his mom that too nobody will take care of her after him.

That moment defined my life what all we wanted this life journey could be for me. Emotions are the only thing that define how we become and what we become. Sometimes what is not taught in emotional melodrama of our Indian culture is how to handle our emotions …. Some might become another yuvraj and their stories will be talked about but what about the rest junta …. Lets teach our kids and near and dear ones how to be more Emotional mature rather than creating a melodramtic stories …

Next time I don’t want another yuvraj to have a hollow eyes .