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The Story Behind It

Whenever you will think everything is under control, life throws curveballs. How we handle depends on how much self-love and self-worth we have for ourselves. This shows in form of grace which comes from putting the effort in right places.


Life never runs in a straight line sometimes it is uphill sometimes downhill or it can be purely sinusoidal curve. 

I normally watch and listen to songs once a day to keep the mood upbeat and have the right dopamine levels. For the past week, I have been watching videos or short reels of Rekha, an Indian Actress. Even at age of 65 years one swag and one dance step, thumba, makes me go crazy for her even as a girl. Watch her dance on Mercy song. In this song, we have one of the best dancers gracefully dancers. Rekha’s dance with her mere expressions and slight movements is a delight to the eyes and no one can compare the charm she brings. She admires her fan and each one she interacts with grace, naughty, bubbly, childlike and mysterious at the same time. I can add so many adjectives for her and but all combined, amplify with 100, that’s how I would describe her on-screen grace from all the events, shows I have seen her. No new girl can be so graceful and look so wow. Ageing gracefully is an art and some have mastered it while other struggles with it.  No wonder, she is every Indian men’s dream. Another female whom I have seen ageing beautifully with shining her personality is Sushmita Sen. Sushmita Sen is so much energy and everyone is her dear, Hindi Jaanmeri,  and warmth she gives to people when they are around her is something to admire and imbibe. You will be her fan with her energy. . Also even with examples of Divas, I still want to convey don’t follow the herd and avoid the imposter syndrome 

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself and not a second
rate version of someone else.” ~ Judy Garland

Over the years if I have learnt anything, I have learnt that lips can lie but energies can’t lie. So, I am a fan of people who take time for themselves and focus on bringing the best of their energy when they meet people.  In short, the body will wither away, whatever will not go is the charm, grace, politeness and humbleness to have within you.

I have a fascination and admiration for astrology without
being superstitious. So I was listening to one of the astrologers who doesn’t believe in remedies and does work on fear theory. He helps you understand what the future might have with all the positive focus. With some transit of Rahu one of the planet upcoming in March 2022, people will focus on unorthodox ways of doing things and also might focus to get the attention to themselves and especially fitness, martial arts training. People will become critical of each other. So the best thing we can do especially during this time is to become aware of where we put our energies into. Like for the focus on the body, if the focus is to become healthy through good eating habits, the right amount of exercise will be good while a crash diet etc will be slayer in the longer run.  
Extreme of anything is not good, you can harm  yourself in the process while the journey is to become a version of yourself. Be the better you.

2 years back I have diagnosed with hypothyroidism which
meant I have put on 10 to 15 kgs. Lockdown and my body’s metabolism don’t support me to lose weight easily. Whatever I had lost till March 2020 I gained again. I come from a Punjabi family where a lot of focus is given on looks and looking pretty. Since I am a coach myself and surrounded by a lot of positive people it was an easy journey and the day I was getting off track.  Anyways weight wasn’t the issue that was bothering me, it was becoming lethargic where I used to do mountain hiking I had trouble walking few minutes also. And I knew once you become fat, you are prone to many diseases which I have seen in last 2 years. But does give up was an option no, anyways this was my life weakest time in many ways, how low I can go further was my answer. I focused on bettering myself in each sphere of my life and but this time look/weight was not the end goal but if it comes as part of the journey it will be great. So somewhere in June 2021, I started again my journey with Yoga with a focus on mobility. Eat Healthy as per my food condition. Rest if I lose weight it’s okay but if not I want to be fit. Still, with my temperament,I tested the water I asked my friend to click some pics of me. I am not that slim anymore but what people can’t take away is the smile that I bring to the table. I have fat and I am happy and have made peace with it. I own each ounce on my body and that get’s reflected in the picture.  I added the same picture to my Display Picture on Facebook and I got some 20-3- fewer likes but the buzz in terms of social media was the same. Anyways I am above likes etc already since long back one of friend had made me understood that half of the people like someone picture because everybody else is doing. Point is people who love you for the person you are will always do irrespective of how you look. Anytime I feel disheartened for myself is not for the bodily figures but I think more when I realize I can’t do as much as I could early. But in a few minutes or max. 2-3 days again I look for options on how I can become better from my previous version of myself.

Why I told you 3 different things today is that life will always throw curveballs, you can blame astrology or karma etc and keep on continuing to live as you did previously. How about when times are going to be challenging let’s become aware and do the things from the right mindset with the right intent. Let’s give each other the space and support in their journey. When you focus more on yourself and keep enhancing yourself each day, you keep your energies positive, you will be a lot happier and this can be reflected even in the small interactions others have with you.

“Be yourself, but always your better self ” ~ Karl G. Maeser