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I met a lovely gal with long hair 10 years back
We spent our coaching time eating snacks
We learnt to share and care with each other during those exams pressure 
We stood by each other in those crazy moments 
After so many years, 
You would see tears in my eyes when world saw the smile on face
You brought the smile on face

 when world saw tears in my eyes
Last few days would have been worst without your support
Each time after visiting to doctor I wanted to cry but you made me smile
When people would call me insane, you would stand by my side
You never let me had any lonely moment in life
I know your favourite line
“Ek main or tu jo bhi pagalpan will be at its peak and jo bhi hoga dekha jaega “
Thanks for being part of my support system and understanding me each tym when no one else will.
P.S. :- Finding few frnds who stand by your side in all phases is rare just value them