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When I first heard the line “Zero is not Zero. One is not one. Zero has more zeroness in it. One has more oneness in it”, it seemed fuzzy to me and something related to whims and fancies. It allied with my thoughts that everything in life is neither white nor black it’s always grey. Shades of grey determine whether we will call it white or black. Now lets’ put it this in simple manner  statement “Today is a rainy day” will be true 100% when it rains all day long, 80% true when it drizzles , 50% true its cloudy and might rain and 0% true if you see sun and no clouds outside. So, any statement that determines more than simple true and false values. Statement represented by the degrees of truthfulness and falsehood uses the fuzzy logic. Imagine instead of digital 1 and 0 we have a sinusoidal curve where 0.7 would be described as 1 as it has more oneness in it while 0.3 would be described as it has more zeroness in it. Now if it is the case how our digital electronics worked when the current would come in the degrees of 1 or 0 rather than absolute terms? Such thoughts only pound us to think where we are today and where we want to go? Are we evolving or are we following the sinusoid? But then are not we internally all fuzzy? If not we wouldn’t have got the famous idiom “Is the glass half empty or half full?” We all are subjective in our thoughts. When we all believe in grey how we can like or posses anything which exists in either white or black? This was bound to come. Fuzzy logic can be used any where we want to depict the connection between two things without giving the complete specification of what the connection is? Fuzzy is such a fuzzy word that describing it is creating fuzziness in itself. Fuzzy concepts are so because learning or the growth of understanding involves a transition from a vague awareness, which cannot orient behavior greatly, to clearer insight, which can orient behavior. Whenever we hear these words Zero is not Zero. One is not one. Zero has more zeroness in it. One has more oneness in it” then be sure we are on the path of learning curve and moving forward to understand things.