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When people go through lot of low phase of their life people may opt to fight it or take a flight. Choice to move on their life with whatever mode they want will depend on the way they have grown up. People may try to totally avoid the situation or take head-on. Take for that matter Japanese people under adverse situation time again and again they maintain their calm. Maintaining a stoic image for public when internally one is emotionally is distressed. Is it good or bad? I don’t have an answer but figures project something else. Suicide cases are more in Japan. Japanese people are known as hard-working and peaceful people world-wide with no communal disputes, no fight over language, no strikes, No violence and at times no questions and therefore no answers. If this the case then time and again why Japan face the suicide epidemics. Country known for its talented people giving best of the technologies to the world, you name it they create it but still during 2007-2008 People in their thirties killed themselves at unprecedented rates. Government had to release White Paper on Counter-Suicide to curb suicide by 20% till 2017. After even tsunami, nuclear disaster people have a gone through a lot and how still they are being praised to maintain the composure, dignity and carrying with their live. How many of us wouldn’t like to cry when we saw a situation? I am sure many of us would have said yes.
Why go to Japanese culture even same is happening in India. All people around us including ourselves are living an artificial life. But When we this artificial self supersede real self. When our real emotional needs are not meant and we project everything is alright around us but under this covering layer there is a volcano which is no one else even we stop recognizing then such people take extreme steps. Then why is it so that we consider denial to be good and being stoic is worth applauding. Like a dark night a bad phase will also end and lead to bright morning. More the darkness around us brighter the day will be. Life goes through many phases, each of which ends to give way to another. If anyone fears anything just remember when we were kids and were trying to learn riding a bicycle and if we fall down. We might have cried for few seconds but our heart would tell us to pick the bicycle again. We wouldn’t have stopped until we have learnt to ride it. So, why do we now stop when we face few roadblocks in our path?  If we lived our life as it was our last day and don’t waste our time living someone else’s life trapped in dogma. When we follow our heart at each moment we live and I am sure we wouldn’t face so many suicide cases. Even if in the path of life we might meet some dead ends but why cannot we just turn back and move on with our life. When we learn to write as kids, an eraser is as much part of the learning -process as a pencil is. Write, consider, and if you make a mistake, erase it and write again! No harm done. Why can’t we make our life simple by taking it a nice beautiful stride? When we make mistake, stop, make amends and start all over again. How easy it would be if youngsters with failed dreams or marks less than what they desired realized that all it requires is just another try again! Nothing is worth ending your life over! Just wait, consider where you went wrong, think through and try again. So what if the one you loved to distraction walked out of your life? Why end your life while he enjoys his? Give another a chance to walk into the vacant space. Or is it true God is a comedian showing his talent in front of people who are afraid to laugh. Even we believe that everything is already written by God and then at least trust the ALMIGHTY and believe future will have something good in store for us. HE wouldn’t leave us alone. We may not realize it at that time, but later when we join the dots, it is clear how each ending paved the way for a new beginning, and so life moved on towards its destined goal, with us picking up new experiences and learning along the way.
And so, what’s wrong with few bumpers in the ride?   The problem is that most of us get so mired in the moment and so attached to what surrounds us that a larger perspective becomes a problem. What is needed at that moment is a step away from the problem so that we can view it in the proper perspective. If a student depressed with his result, could just visualize his entire life and see himself years later in a successful career with a happy family and well cared-for parents, would the marks he has got at this moment matter at all?  Same goes for a business people and working class. If someone who has made a huge loss in business was able to step away from oneself and the moment, wouldn’t he think again? Nothing if one look at it as a chance to improve oneself. And rather than regretting them, get on with the rest of your life! And where one dot symbolizes end of a sentence, two more mean continuity. Each ending gives us the opportunity for a new beginning. We just need to be strong enough to take it on!