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I met you at a time when only darkness was surrounding me

I met you at a time when circumstances made us lose faith in Almighty

I met you at a time when God was forgotten by folks around me


You were the sparkling light in that darkness

You spread the positive energy to confiscate pessimism

I was spellbound by the way you honed my passion


Life became another celebration amidst all crisis

Love for life was the only energy which surrounded us

Optimism and Smile never faded from our life


Your presence changed me for better

Your being flourished the child in me

Your company made me have only one passion now i.e. life


I kept thanking my stars for your existence

I kept looking for sunrise to meet you

I kept waiting for moonlight to hear your heart out


We became lover from just acquaintance in few months

With Some twist in our destiny

We became strangers from diehard aficionados’ in a second


Our parts may not cross again

But Forevermore, I will carry the your love in my heart

I will forever love life


Thanks for being my Angel when God was forgotten

Thanks for making me forevermore love life

Thanks for polishing only truly passion life