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The Story Behind It

Don’t worry about failure. Worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.

“There is a limit to what one can do if people themselves limit”

Recently I was asked why Growth Coach. I found myself that I only want to coach people who have a growth mindset and might find themselves in a situation where they might feel themselves stuck and where I as Coach can help them unleash their potential. So, let’s understand why we need coaches in our life if we couldn’t decode Bill Gates comment in his Ted Talk “Everyone needs a coach”. Everyone from high performing individuals in any field be it corporate, movies, athletes have one thing in common- their coaches.

Coaches do not mentor, counsellor provide therapy to you but they have a co-creative relationship with you. Coaches cannot provide you with an answer themselves, they refrain from directing you. The coach can be best labelled as a facilitator who helps you find answers to your questions and direction by asking you powerful questions. While you create the plan based on the new information reviled to you in your course of discussion based on the end outcome you are looking, coach guides. Sometimes you will have to go through controlled experiment not to derail you from your course to higher good but help you unlock the locks that keep you stuck. The best test of the coach is when you have an actionable list for which you are accountable based on the insights you have gained and help to find opportunities to grow in the area you wanted.

The mindset was discovered by famous psychologist Carol Dweck on achievement and success—a simple idea that makes all the difference.  Mindset is nothing but a collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape our thoughts. In short, mindset is a way of thinking. Consciously or unconsciously the level of success we achieve is dependent upon the stories we keep telling ourselves. Individuals who believe that they can enhance or develop new their skills are growth mindset individuals. These people are not bothered to look smart but focus their time and energies into learning. When they face hardships in life either they can knock us down or they can learn from our failures to rise again from the bottom. Consciously or unconsciously the level of success we achieve is dependent upon the stories we keep telling ourselves. While I can quote that a growth mindset is a positive way of thinking. I didn’t indelve too much on the fixed mindset since it is all about feeling that they can’t learn new things trying to save their image. Good news is no one part is completely fixed or growth mindset. They are developed as per our experiences and we can move away from the fixed mindset.


These people have an urge to grow but might find themselves stuck, these are the times when a coach can help them unstruck them.