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Happiness is the most exploited and cherished emotions. It’s the marketing gimmick used by big advertising industry. May be its human tendency to live our life in the past or future. But it’s not these people have to be blamed. Chain is only as strong as its weak link. May be its not their fault also. We also gravitate towards fun filled moments to be cherished later.  That’s why we have more than 80% movies with happy ending. Can you ever imagine a Bollywood movie having a realistic ending? We love to see our heroes becoming larger than life and at least they live those moments which we couldn’t. It’s more than our illusion we sometimes want to believe in that. Living in those cherished memories is actually good as per the research so don’t feel guilty if you do that once in a while. Do you know people who have lots of moments to cherish which bring smile on their face even today are actually more positive towards life. They are more optimistic about their future since they have lot to hold on to and know if their past was beautiful their future is meant to be greater. So, when you have some memories to really treasure don’t punish yourself rather feel privileged so had good fun. But to have those colorful fest down the memory lane of your book you just have to live in the moment. Create your book with each page so unique that you play holi with your pain with smile on your face.

Translating lines from an old hindi song which are soothing to ears
“Let the world take all the land, the money and the treasures
Give me one such moment that cannot be stolen by anyone in the world
Those moments in which the colourful seasons of love reside
Those times in which the true moments live

 Tomorrow or the future is just a dream 
The past is just a dream 
 I am living in the past
All the fireflies with memories live in the jungle “