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Heroine the word which has a positive connotation but the beauty of the heroine always have a negative soul attached to it. Either be it the song the heroine sings Main Heroine Hoon for herself conveying that the shining stars around me can’t fill her empty soul . Heroine is the story filled with the emptiness of a lady.If you don’t agree see the life of the epitome of beauty and grace The Rekha, Unkhi aankhon ki masti ke mastaein bahut hai lekin unkhi ruhu ko choone waale kitne hai. If you don’t believe what I say just google the romances of rekha and you will have hell long list. Just ask one question to yourself before questioning her morale i.e. what does anyone require from the other person? Nobody needs to be seen as Halkat Jawani but just wanna sing the song  Saaiyaan where one longings for love and support to sail the ship of life. Everybody has khwahishein but how many of us want to realize that these dreams are not meant to be there. We don’t even realize we are living on false hope and holding on them we might fall down. Rekha like rest of people craves for love kept hymning tujhpe fida but what she got in return from each relationship nobody knows. Still we Indian judge her on moral value. Did she had anyone to lean on and feel secured? I believe not, same is displayed in heroine. She is sexy, talented and oomph of moody attached to her and still nobody loves her apart from the name she carries. Why comment on heroine, aren’t we all the same? We all live in society where people keep friendship with you because you are affluent or you are well-connected and might help in near future.I am sure you must have met at least one person like that.If not, you are blessed and stay blessed only. Nothing will kill you more than trusting a bad person and same happened with heroine and she went through the hell of saiya bhi saath chod jae aishi hai tanhai. What I glimpse whenever I watch some heroine in each one of us is the deep dark side we having been hiding even from ourselves. Isn’t it time we face our hidden fear and counter them. I know we all want to hear “I love you for what you are“ but before that we have to understand the person and pick and choose who will stand by our side forever and expect only from those people. Else we might not be living glamorous life of heroine but we can become one. I am not against celebrity status but with emotional status heroine bears only flip side of being a heroine.

Stay Blessed Shine and Smile like a Heroine but for right reasons.