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Its seems strange that we all live our whole life in confusing states. When you are put across unnerving situation, we don’t actually know how we behave. I realized the impact of above lines when I watched Highway. Some emotions were so raw and came out beautifully. When Alia explains to Randip Hooda that she feels far more safer her than back at home. I googled the number of woman being sexually exploited in India. 7 out of 10 are exploited at least once in their lifetime. The men who surround us has  been part of it either being by silent ultimately throwing anger on females only whom they can dominate or by doing themselves. When Alia bhatt tries to scream and tells everybody how she feels z a breathtaking moment of the film and face her inner turmoil. How much she hates when she has to live double life.That made me realise if that uncle was to be blamed for what he did , wasn’t her parents equally responsible for hiding it under the wrap. Its time people as parents and friends start taking responsibility for what happens to female and become vocal about it. Why do we attach so much importance and wrap under cover??  May be that’s  what attracted Alia to Ranadip was his attitude after aleast all he has went through in life, Ranadip’s conscience  is still alive in life.Alia is so genuine when she says I have never felt the same may be because whatever and whoever I do you will be able to handle.May be that’s why felt cared and loved with Ranadip which she has missed for ages the protection she wanted from her parents. Behaving in proper manner willnt change how a child in  female dies when she has to undergo such emotional turmoil. I hope parents start taking stand rather than being a spectator in the whole show.