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It’s been ages I have got this urge to write something, something that convey my thought but still reflect on the things happening around. While searching for this something to write I thought on topics like Cricket- World Cup Win going in background, myself – too boring for other people, divorce rates in today’s society – who wants to hear the lecture when  already many people’s  life s**** on that front, Mahatma Gandhi‘s our icon – sexuality discovery to public through a book and its ban but this was a known truth from a long time  if we try to search Mahatma Gandhi and s** experiment on Google we will find a lot especially in UK magazine archives but still many things are not open for public discussion. So what is that for which I would be enthusiastic and wouldn’t bore the person reading it and would still be thought provoking. Ultimately I thought why I was choosing all such topics and realized we have come far from where we begin our life, like in a country like ours we were not even aware to whom we gave this position of Father of Nation – what was he actually like. The relationships we maintain in our life have also gone to new definitions our parents have become mom and dad, other have got their new jazzy names to suit our lifestyle. When I was a kid all the moral and ethical values imparted to me stand no importance in today’s society, rather it has changed so drastically that we are not even sure about our roles. Indian men may like to say that they will help their working wife with household activities but the fact is that they have not still outgrown their thought process of what women should be and how she is meant to behave. And I know on this many guys reading this would say that I live in some other planet, guys are behaving more maturely on this and more liberal in their thought process but still I think they have a far way to go. Even we girls are not at time sure about our roles are we home makers like yesteryears or we can pass this sole responsibility to guys. I don’t think we are all ready to understand our responsibilities and sex bias we all face all the times. Are we all hypocrites? Our hypocrisy couldn’t be more when from childhood parents want us to secure highest marks among our peers and 95% seems too less to them. But when we work day and night in jobs both parents and we seem dissatisfied for giving preference to work over ourselves or family. Isn’t they have inculcated in their kids to be part of rat race from childhood but they have forgot even if their kids are winner they will still be part of rat race. Does this mean being ambitious is wrong? I don’t think so. On that I would rather say if a person is content with whatever he is doing then how will he rise to next prosperous level and we wouldn’t have seen the growth we are seeing now but striking a balance between work and personal needs is more important. One should be encouraged to do things as one wants to do it. I guess it could be rightly put out the best way to deal with it is to be “content with life” even though “dissatisfied”, so long as one has the proper balance of pleasure, quantitatively and qualitatively. While mentioning all this, it just leads to the chaos created in one’s mind where one doesn’t know which sets of thoughts one should follow and which one are right? We are all searching answers. We are all living in a world where it’s all about marketing especially branding it in a nice package. If we have a look around us, we would understand how everything today is all about marketing. Face book during world cup was an example hundreds of update on everyone’s wall with just one ball miss and sixes within few seconds but with different style. People were just creating audacity. Were they telling that they are concerned about the team or they are watching the match or what? I feel my small mind couldn’t understand such big questions. Mark & Spencer will be launching new pants for guys after wearing that will make guys look more attractive as if the things available in market for gals were less or guys were feeling left out on that front. Guys and Gals both are plastic now days so when they start dating initially what have attracted to each other no longer stands good in day today life. May be once the attraction is gone and real person we are is open which is quite different from the artificial person we are, there comes a mismatch in expectation and has lead to so many divorcees and break-ups in present times. Divorce is now as much part of our society as is marriage rather more of s style statement. People always put their best foot forward whether technically by putting make-up on our faces, branded clothes we wear, cars we drive, houses we buy or literally using the make-up language they use to communicate. People are so much artificial these days that surreal self and real self is hard to be distinguished. So much negativism going down lets try to end this on positive note with realizing that every break –up in our relationships whether be it of boss or subordinate or of colleagues or any personal relationship like of mother –daughter going through lot of rough phases we land up becoming our spiritually cleansed person every time. Each experience forces us to ask ourselves a lot of questions and search our soul for the answers. We come out of it a more evolved and enriched human being. I know it’s important to go through entire gamut of emotions to appreciate beauty of life but I still hope atleast our future generation doesn’t land up in such messy situations where what they believe is not counter-attacked and they think that whatever they believed was so inaccurate and bullshit burden of the crap society on their shoulder to carry on and struggle within themselves to justify their actions. This is Hope against Hope but Hope is only thing that keeps us going and we try to create something better to pass on our future generations that they value the struggle we have faced and provide them a balanced society which is knit closely but provides space to individual to grow on their pace.