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Which is the safest place in the animal kingdom? Lot will say it’s a Lion’s den … but says who? The King is ready to eat its cub. Nobody is left alone. Each one need to survive each day each moment to live few more cherishing seconds. When animals doesn’t feel safe, can the most social animal feel that? We human are more cultured and our fights are more dignified. We need to feel safe to rise ahead and make ways for the illuminating the human like a star in a sky. The most communicative animal need to feel the safe, secure and away of fear of endangerment. Only things that comes in our way to rise high is the feeling that this moment we are uncomfortable, agonize the rules of jungle we live. Be the best or you will be kicked. Darwin once said survival of the fittest is the rule of the game. Human have only learnt to fight be it for the space he want to call its own or be it for the survival not be to be eaten by another animals. It’s the degree of fight, striking the fight for the right of yours. So we all are fighter what is meant to be a safe place? Aren’t you feeling absurd? May be because we have civilized our self. We haven’t left our animal instincts. Like a dog we have defined our guidelines and don’t embark on another person territory. Our boundaries have been defined. We take care not to interweave our threads and not step on another man’s foot. Everything would been so peaceful and serene if all followed rules. Like a mad animal are thrown of the assembly, we defined our moral policing and managed the rowdy people. We have our law and ways to handle the things. Isn’t what we have learnt from the animal kingdom to make space for each other and still carve a niche for ourselves? That’s what panchantra stories have taught us. Be smart enough to survive but still not killing other for your own good. We are only safe as much we make others to be safe in this place. Let the soul feel so safe and secure and we attain self-actualization rather than meeting some petty needs. It’s time we help our follow co-passenger accomplish bigger things in small world. Let the confidence of the all people be on the rise.

BE SAFE should be the motto we adopt this season for all the reasons.