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You are stuck in awe when you find yourself surrounded by female in your work life who are independent and still you find research saying the other way round. Pointing out how gender stereo type still go a long way in any industry. Out of curiosity with the strange line “a queen complains to a king” you keep reading and there was huge research to support that. But should I be blaming myself for reading it or the scientific research and one of teenager’s favorite book “Men are from Mars and women for Venus”. To let dragon in my head sleep, I wanted to dig deep and there were like-minded people who had worked on the same. They found that if we have way pass our traditional conditioning of gender, female might surpass the males on the math’s sat scores. If all conditions are fine why woman struggles to get that raise while for a man it’s most logical step. Why corporate struggles to have female executive beyond ceiling glass. But you have nature to help you solve your query and watch bees’ closely. Only community where they are queen, you will always they don’t promote other female bees since they compete and feel threatened. Same was something research paper was bringing to light. But now move to king of jungle , Lion , all the hard work is done by the lioness while king reaps the fruits of his spouse. May be we can start giving the female colleagues the feeling of security and make the environment less threatening and give dude respect to sweet labour for the lioness and let everybody acknowledge the bees. If you already do pat yourself on the back. And request to all females, it time to promote the people irrespective of gender. AND LETS END THE idiot title “But when a woman has someone’s head cut off, she’s a bitch.”

We will stand for our rights without being called bitch for getting work done.