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Today while writing on and for women I am thinking what else to write which hasn’t been written through either Womanhood redefined in 2014”    and “Black Pearl”.  But suddenly I watched the video of the Aditi rao. Something about the music and the way she dances on the beat she touched me a lot

Among all the madness of the world around me just subsided for those 3 minutes and 24  seconds while  how she handles why talk about the past ?

 The way she describes it is so well that we women dwell too much on past, history, mistakes, regrets and . We keep on  playing the  bygone again and again in our head like movie on loop .

When she says that I have decided to be a product of what is written and talked about. I have the power to  choose to be who I want to be it just hits my mind and soul that I feel like hugging her for being the woman she is. She has put her message that why should anybody ‘s story be written in past when we are still in the process of becoming

I want really to pass this message this on Woman’s day . I want to celebrate this woman’s day by celebrating the womanhood . I want to celebrate the day by celebrating me. This blog just one medium to request all the other women to do so. I feel so light today that  I feel like dancing to the song being played in the background

I always say that relationship we have with the people around us defines but strangely I have forgotten to articulate in any of the earlier blogs that if we have to learn to love ourselves. No bad relationship can define you unless you let define you. I want to say today like before selecting the chair we go through the process of  picking and choosing it why can’t we be selfish enough for the people who enter our inner circle. Weak people will keep on giving you logic about why your chosen path is not right but you have to learn to move past them.  You will might meet some coward who don’t have the courage to speak their mind or even truth . You will meet some worthless girls who might want to snatch your men. But trust me if he was yours you don’t have to fight for him . He wasn’t yours end of story . If he was yours you would be spending the time on the shores of the sea still not able to hear any of voice apart from the heartbeart of you both. Also some of those worthless immature girls  might be married and still not satisfied in their marriage. But girl was meant to be like that. Why bother? Look your life is not dependent on those people because trust me best revenge you can take with both such characters is let them be together and without your presence they will look for another drama in their lives. Learn to walk away. Relationships happen when you both have desire to stick together through thick and thins. If they had to be together either of them will not look outside their own relationship.

Your journey is dependent on people who will love you unconditionally. Was Alia bothered about kunal in Dear Zindagi ? She learnt even for her career she never needed him. Trust the Almighty he has written a beautiful story for you.  Alia surrounded herself with people who could see her inner beauty. Remember these some mean people are helping you define the black pearl of yours .Full Stop. You are in the process of making not many people can be strong enough to take life head on.

Learn to love yourself . Give yourself respect. People will be bad and mean,  you have to be polite and smart enough to learn to give yourself the dignity of being the woman. You can’t expect strength from weak people . You have to be the woman who knows that she is in the process of defining her destiny. Women who gives  love, care and respect freely. Alia was surrounded by right people when she resolved her inner conflicts . This woman day promise to resolve your own inner conflict and move further in life. When pain inflicted upon yourself by the society or your thought process you  have to learn to move further after learning the lesson.  

At the end I will only say let’s dance to celebrate womanhood and ourselves

Woman let yourself be  submerged  in the dance of your own inner beauty

Woman let yourself be guided by the your smile of shine

Woman let yourself be one who is saluted for her demeanour

Woman let yourself be one who is ray of hope to mankind

Woman let yourself be one who is respected for intelligence

Woman let yourself be one who is brilliance can’t be robed

Woman let yourself be one who is walks her talk

Woman let yourself be one who is caring yet not fragile

Woman let yourself be one who is trusting yet not naive

Woman let yourself be one who is source of inspiration for generation to come