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I have always found myself struggling to answer few questions whenever I discuss about astrology, God and way to remain positive even amid darkness. Strangely I have been doing free counseling for lot of people around me or have taken from some of them but this is one question which everyone asks and i.e. “Is there anything in our hands or everything is already planned by Almighty?” There are many paradoxes when we try to answer such questions. If everything is planned then do we have the right to change our destiny through our karma? Do we have atleast some free-will to our existence? When we try to answer this through astrology, I have always got this response “You don’t get anything before time and more than destiny “. If timing is bad when solar system is not supporting you cannot achieve anything. If this is the case then why it is taught that human can change anything with their hard work.

Just to answer these questions I started to learn astrology, palmistry and numerology. At times I feel you name any branch of astrology and I have tried to understand each ones basic concept. Every branch of astrology is a science and based on some calculation. Like Tarot card reading is all about mind reading of the person. It based on the concept that it’s the psychology which builds the future. Our Vedic astrology is based on the planets and can be considered science which can be easily understood if we relate it to simple things .There are mythological stories related to describe about each planet/graha also. The best thing was I could co-relate with astronomy and understand each graha’s characteristics. Nature has been designed so beautifully that we just need to keep our eyes open. Who knows one of Newton is sitting amongst us and discovers another law of gravitational force. If we ask a small kid to describe Saturn, We would get few lines something as “Saturn is second planet and is sixth from the sun. Saturn has rings around it made of some ice particles. It is blue and black in color since it is surrounded by Helium and hydrogen gas”. Now with this information I can always say that Saturn will take more time to revolve around the sun and complete its revolution and since it’s away from the sun and so large in size, some part of it never sees sunshine for a long time while other part is hot because sun rays are falling on it from a long time. Even Saturn’s hindi name “Shani” means who moves slowly and considered Lord of Justice during our life time. Lord Saturn reminds us of the Judge wearing his long robes and encircled by several advocates dressed in black coats. In the courts the dispensation of Justice is a long and a tardy process. That is why, it is said In the Lord’s court, there may be delays, but the Justice is done. As per Hindu mythology he is the son of Lord Suryadev and Chhaya . Sun reign Light and chhaya(Sun’s wife) is the symbol of darkness. Somewhere it’s light and somewhere its darkness (crime).

When I have said so much on Lord Saturn, let me tell you why I took this planet only. Because He is considered to be hardest Lord to be appeased especially when one has offended him. It requires a lot of hard work and good deeds for him to bestow rewards on us. It is believed that Shani Deva has punished even the Gods, demons, sages and human including Guru Deva, due to their offences and bad deeds.

Actually, Saturn is kind of weird planet. It spends most of its time trying to convince you that it’s really mean. And then at the end it hands you a big fat gift to make your dreams come true. It’s hard to say, but it’s helpful to remember Saturn’s habit of turning out to be the good guy in the end. Old sayings like “it’s always darkest before the dawn,” and “every cloud has a silver lining” come in handy when dealing with Saturn. I can continue to write about his stories and how I can co-relate any appearance of him to nature but in gist It can be said “Saturn is the one who might be a slow mover and because of a lot of thinking process, Justice might be delayed but the Justice done is the true Justice and in the right perspective”.

After professing all about astrology, I am not the one to promote it especially because people have made it their business these days and many of them have not even understood it completely. Their calculations are far from comprehension of normal human being. All the predictions made by the astrologers are based on the level they have understood this science. This could be understood by simple fact i.e. Normally people try to match the kundali before people tie knot .How many of us know Ram and Sita had all 36 guna matched but still they had to face separation? If this is to be believed then marriages shouldn’t take place based on only guna matching. Even Ram and Sita life’s were full of sacrifices and trouble .All the deities’ human incarnation form had to go through struggle. If it had been planned why would they plan the struggle for themselves? This is like a riddle which we used to ask in our childhood which come first egg or hen? Shall we able to answer this riddle? I don’t know. Some answers should be left to the deity. But changing my life path as per astrologers’ wishes is somewhat tough for me as he may have miniscule knowledge So, I always believe trust your heart ,never leave your hard work and sometimes use astrology(be sure whom you consult) to our advantage. Even when creating the nature Almighty made Lion -the King of the Jungle still to eat the food he needs to pick the food and put it in his mouth.

Luck favors the brave. Nothing can replace the hard work and if we keep rubbing against the same stone again and again through the rope it will also leave its mark. And I believe that may be something can’t be changed but to some extent we can mould our destiny and obtain desired output as per our deeds. Said so much I would feel unsatisfied if I make castle in air. So let’s say if someone has a bad Moon in his chart, since Moon is a soft planet and related to mother .After knowing this if we talk nicely to our parents especially our mom and touching her feet before leaving the house rather than spending so much time and money on remedies asked by pandit, we would be able to mellow down malefic effect of Moon. May be that’s why it’s said knowledge is dangerous if not in right hands. Where atomic energy at one place is used to generate electricity, it could used to create bomb. People had same knowledge but deeds changed its purpose. Still I recommend that take the initiative, get in the middle of things, and do something for once for you. It doesn’t matter what the output is but you won’t be happy in life until you get out there and live it. If in doubt remember Luck favors the brave.