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The Story Behind It

“There is always a price to pay when you don’t listen to your messenger.”  ― Melissa Ambrosini . I believe in this quote very firmly and  I have paid a heavy price recently when I suffered from one health challenge to another one after another and sharing my thoughts here 


Recently I was hospitalized in an emergency and my vomiting was not stopping even after medicines within split seconds. Once I had come back from the hospital and was lying down on my bed and thinking when and how I have landed in this situation. Why? I kept asking myself.  In my childhood, I was so intuitive that even if I was about to have a fever, I will try to give my body rest a few hours in advance. The moment it was 98.7 F, my guards will go up and I will be taking rest. My parents will know if I am being my naughty self, they will know something is wrong and my medication will be started. Suddenly I started seeing the video one of my colleague dancing to divert my mind, I realized over all these years I had stopped dancing which led to losing touch with my expression mechanism and flexibility and in general losing touch with my body. I made myself the promise that I will start practising dance, maybe for a few seconds or limited minutes but will start. But this became one of the topics I wanted to share with the larger public. 

What is Listening to the body means being attentive to the signals someone’s physical, emotional and mental bodies send. As a child, we are very attentive to our needs be it for physical like hunger we cry for it and rest when we are tired as and when we want rather than body clock of other people. In general, when life happens and we grow, we start to focus on other people’s approval and lose touch with ourselves be it with small comments like should not feel hungry you just ate. And we start to question our own emotions and hunger needs.


Listening to our bodies is more like recognizing what it wants to tell you and what your needs are at that moment. Once we are attuned to our physical body, we can listen to emotional and mental needs. A lot of time we always ask what are you feeling in your body so that we can understand the emotions. 

“Your body is your best guide. It constantly tells you, in the form of pain or sensations, what’s working for you and what’s not.” ~ Hina Hashmi, Your Life A Practical Guide to Happiness Peace and Fulfilment

But it is not that once we have lost touch and stopped listening to our bodies we can start rebuilding the relationship again. We can ignore or silence the intuition but we can’t lose it altogether. Let’s understand how we can do it again

Learn to spend some quiet time together with yourself to step back from your busy schedule. Be gentle when you start, keep walking or doing some physical activity at least for 30 min per day. Whenever you eat please sit down so that you can focus on eating and how much your food needs to avoid overeating.


 Learn to trust your gut. Start to make a small decision with your deep-down feeling and let yourself be guided and see how things turn out to be. You will learn about yourself in the process. Listen more than you talk

Hope this helps you as finding this information was important to me