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People have loved so much that they have built Taj Mahal, monument of Love.Name itself convey the “Crown of palaces”. Can someone’s love be so strong that he builds a tomb for 22 years with the help of 22,000 workers? Sorry my eyes will never be blinded with love only and they demand to see the things as they are.  When I see Taj Mahal architectural, I say “Wah Taj , Wah Taj” so much symmetry that real beauty basis can be defined but when I wear the glasses and view the same Taj Mahal for what it is, I see a man driven by prefect ego – my beloved deserves a tomb that befits her and my love for her, and resources at my command will be used for that purpose. Hadn’t this be an ego-centric work, Shah Jahan wouldn’t have been dethroned and imprisoned by his own son? Would you say Shah Jahan was blinded by this Love for Mumtaz, I wouldn’t believe so. If he was so much in Love with Mumtaz that Mumtaz’s death made him stopped performing King’s Duty then why it is mentioned in pages of history that he married for the fourth time with the sister of Mumtaz only. As per my standard this can’t be defined as love. Love never makes you fall; it will only drive you towards a rise in character each day and each moment. More I see Taj Mahal, more I see beauty and expression of love so grand are based only on self-glorification. Love is not when you communicate your feelings in ostentatious manner but even when words are not required only eyes can be enough, standing by each other in thick and thin. But this Love Aaj Kal generation can never understand the beauty of love and so never receive one. I feel the pain when Gen- Y can never understand true meaning of love. Why blame this generation when our mythology is also full of emperor all around the world where blood has been shed for the beauty of their love be it Trojan War?  Love depiction has never been of sacrifice which have survived the time so why Gen-Y want to become Devdas when they know Don is one who will have the Jungli billi and Roma  both in their life irrespective of circumstances and moral conduct Don displays. They want to keep walking on both boats unless Jungli Billi understand that the she and Don are on different side of the world. In gist, Love has lost essence and people stay together without understanding each other and ultimately things fall apart in long run. So, when things fall apart and Gen-Y doesn’t appreciate the true love it’s not their mistake but the gamut of experience they have gone through. Few people understand that love can’t be shoddy.