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I could never nail why falling in love is so easy  after watching Shah Rukh Khan . Why all the women love him so much. Somewhere I have written a blog for about it but it doesn’t do the justice . With every bit of SRK in new movie there is part of me which wants to believe in love because of him. The honesty in his eyes just makes say awe, he must be loving the women  so madly. You believe the depth in his eyes. But aren’t other actors doing the same . Imagine somebody saying if I have given commitment, they will never break but does that attract any gal ? Lot of time when those lines are spoken apart from SRK you feel it’s coming from an ego state  not loving state. His earnest is most felt when a woman understands his emotions. Strangely somewhere I heard SRK mentioning that all love stories were beautiful because woman’s emotions were empowered . I couldn’t agree to him more , all love stories were from the standpoint of a woman . Woman who were fearless in matter of love be it simran , sejal , akira , Anjali . They might have some inner turmoil but they emotions can be felt . SRK is just there to understand them better . So nailing word of the romance that we all should be looking is understanding. Be it the guy or a gal we all are searching for somebody who understands us. Good amount of the both gender now a days are capable enough to  lead a single life easily . But what they are looking for , to be with somebody who can be understanding towards their journey. So, as a relationship coach when you stop looking for what others can give you but what you can give to them . You can be understanding of their journey , you will be attracting a companion for a life rather than somebody based on infatuation. Start to understand others by putting yourself in their shoes but that doesn’t mean that you to stick with wrong partner . You have to come from a loving space and let that love flow. But for all those things to happen you have first love yourself . Motto in life should be love should be essence of your being not an extension or mask you wear. Moment that happens everything in universe will fall in its place   I will be leaving this blog here and going to watch the depth of eyes of  love and will come back with review of Jab Harry met Sejal . Hope my mango fruity doesn’t disappoint me because after a long I feel like watching him. His eyes can stop my world without me thinking from my senses.