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I have always believed that all things we do are somewhere co-related in one way or another. Writing a blog on two disparate themes and diverging it into one. This resembled conveying all my emotions through just the song titles. While studying the macroeconomics concept idea of this blog struck in my mind. So one part of my brain was registering how the business and monetary cycle works and how alteration in repo rate can revolutionize the whole economy. Other part of mind was absorbing the relationship issues due credit goes to my classmate. Relationships work on a Philips Curve and follow an inverse relationship between the rate of society stiffness and the rate of break ups. 

Globalization and Strong Communication System are part of the monetary and fiscal policies followed by the Government to lower the unemployment and cultural openness in terms of relationships. Initially like short-run Philips curve number of relationships leading to marriages was increasing with society relaxation but when we see the bigger picture as more and more cultural repose has taken place the more and more marriages go through the turmoil and divorcees. Is it so simple to define the relationships? One parameter leads to another. If it was so simple why we are facing so many issues in that area?  Relationships like macroeconomics is complex where Central Bank can apply few monetary policies trying to control the money for the banks but whether it will lead to liquidation in the economy or not, Central bank cannot be sure. Fiscal policies are even not created by the Central bank but Government use to direct the aggregate demand in the economy. Although relationship on the surface may involve only two people but there are other driving force in partnership especially in Indian Context involvement of the family, situation also have a huge impact on the people. Couple having the driving seat may be driving the car of their alliance on the guidance provided by their parents. It’s a like Tic-O-Tic game who will win the game you never know because association are run by 4 experienced players not the 2 people who are in love.