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I have always thought I would write this article at MDI on the bench watching people play football and greenery all around. Few days back I was sitting at the same place having conversation with a friend how after so much chaos and noise just about still this place is so peaceful and calm. The logic I got was that the trees are surrounding the place and green color has soothing effect.  At that time I found myself saying “The Best Things in Life are Free”. Have you ever seen smile on a child’s face because of droplet falling on his face. I am not sure about others but atleast weather has put smile on my face every now and then. God has created Mother Nature with so much effort and given this gift in our hands. All required things at right places and right time. If you don’t agree with me, see how watermelon are seen in the deserts only where it is required. Have somebody wondered why Muslim gals are so beautiful? The way their society is, it is vital for them to be beautiful. Whenever the Deity has created anything it has some purpose behind it, sometimes we understand it and sometimes we don’t. When we have such a beautiful gift why do we keep playing and fiddling with it? We are disrupting the natural balance, so when see so much mayhem around us why we keep cribbing? Why we blame others? Why don’t we take it as our responsibility and start doing our bit?  While I have left all of you with the probing question to answer for yourself, let me go on my favorite task of shopping. My friend has put in lot of confusion now whether to buy a green color dress for my birthday or pink one which I have liked? Now this is the question I need to sort out before my next birthday and let me begin my search from now on