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The Story Behind PopIt

How multiple sources of income helps to deliver quality work and new definition of independence?



Even though I have not been able to create any source of income yet but this topic has intrigued me.  What if we have multiple sources of income not just one source of income from job. After having conversations with many of my colleagues, this topic became more relevant. Every business is disruptive from last few years and in the blink of eyes, we realized the fluidity of the economy. The world that we are living seems illusory and I woke up in my dream trying to figure out how best we can cave our path in this jigsaw puzzle. . How we can do that kept me awake in last few months and weeks?  All the problems seem to be solved easily if we had more money to define our retirement may be early

Second, if something is your weakness, you can be exploited anytime. May be this give you reason to search for your ways to find at least another source of income. People have a saying “if you get a home loan you will start liking your job and if you have your family and another loan you will start loving your boss”. Once your weakness is known to people they can exploit to a level that you feel violated and find yourself comprising your value system unless you destroy your weakness. Not sure if many can sleep easily after comprising their value system.

Third, when you have additional source of income even more than 1 you have capacity to take risks at any age. With good risk capacity you will work on what you want to work not what society pushes you for. So imagine the contribution will you make to your work.

Fourth, even if it’s not much amount, this will help to give you extra income to enjoy or plan your holiday or help you spend on the luxurious. I would definitely look for that but my secondary income shouldn’t be corelated to first source of income so that we don’t have conflict of interest

Fifth, if you have taken some loan this might help you go debt free or at least reduce some mental pressure


I am not sure about others but based on my temperament fourth point really entice me to help define my retirement quotient where money works for me not other way like today .And one last point pension concept even in most developed countries pension might be taken away completely if not completely at least partially it has started to do away.

May be I will write another article how to get involved with something you like and may be later find ways to monetize