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The Story Behind It

Privacy and Personal Space is so vital that we loose our close relationships and when faced in workplace people lose their productivity . When we enter the relationship demanding of too much time that’s red flag but why do many people don’t see it as personal invasion ?


Today in the world where we have recently implemented General Data Protection Regulations and where we are facing the disease whose only solution is to maintain personal space I think Personal Space has become the elephant in the room to be addressed by everyone.

Personal space is not only the physical area but also the emotional and mental space surrounding an individual that is considered personal or private but where they feel comfortable. Typically when another person tries to intrude the personal space , person starts to feel threatned and their body goes in fight mode and more body starts to react differently. 

Does space invasion happen only from stranger? This can happen in any relationship parent child relationship, sibling relationship , workplace and romantic relationship. Closer the relationship more we should be looking for individuality to keep ourselves happiness , keep growing and relationship stron


“Personal space is an intimate individual bubble which nobody should enter without permission. The desire for space is a natural part of growing up in any phase of life.As we are growing up, we want to be trusted to do more things than they did before. We want to be considered as mature, responsible, and independent person. Giving some space and privacy can work wonders for anyone’s development. they will not only feel trusted but also feel capable and confident.”

 Be it with your parents , spouse , significant other and your boss invasion of personal space happens for 2 basic reasons – cultural upbringing and idea of the individualism and in general how secure the person is and give trust to others

Recently, someone I know very closely was faced with personal space invasion in office , her boss, choleric temperamanent,  wants to join each meeting she conducts and try to join it silently and funny fact is instead to keep eye on running everythinh smoothly , max. people in that project suffers from the migraine. Welcome to the world where you want to increase the productivity by keeping an eye and internally your biggest army has lost battle before going on war ground because his energy is wasted fighting with you.Every knock and corner of the office’s energy is surrounded who to fight the boss to let his subordinate breathe. what will the boss achieve apart from making people sit for long hours without no result. Micro-management in workplace means how much anxiety one feels during crowded everytime in every way. 

Another person told how her parents tapped her phone. This not only impacted her reationship with her family members but also she lost trust in people around her and took almost 3-4 months of digging deep and healing those issues. 

First of the parents or boss were choleric temperament , who needs control and will even manipulate you  to get what they want from, as child if you are not financial independent may be you will listen but if you don’t have any motive you will try to talk and sort out things and  move the things. But with choleric they will justice there each action between from childhood they never learnt the boundaries themselves and in order to win they can gaslight you also.

I am firm believer of the personal space and if not given to individual in any one area can lead to diseases like thyroid , migraine etc. If we have to remain healthy we must learn to maintain our 

You must be able to protect your own limits including from your intimate partner. We must learn to start to say NO and to make clear what we can and can’t tolerate will guard our personal space. Being explicit helps us to create a more respectful, productive and environment.


If you are the one who is breaching someone else privacy without realizing , learn to read the bodylanguage. Try to understand their is difference between privacy and secrecy. As other person, extreme secrecy is red flag as knowing too much is red flag for the personal space. Even in intimate relationship you have to give space to grow apart to grow together then only your interactions can be valuable.