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The Story Behind PopIt

Recent few things have probed to ask for the why’s and this why has led to path of understanding the power to connect. This blog is just tip of the iceberg and giving way for you to go deep 


The idea of this blog came after spending 5-6 days just hearing about Sushant Singh Rajput and his death. How this has impacted other people? Seeing how even film fraternity also spoke things otherwise they would not. Something was there about this man that people are ready to say and other people are ready to listen to them. Forget about others, without going into nitty-gritty I have watched all his movies in the last 7 days and so many that I would not have seen total movies in this lockdown period.  It was not only the movie industry that was shaken, many people including the astronomy, science background, cricket fraternity, and maybe many more around the world have been paid their homage to his soul. In search of the why came this blog.

“Invisible threads are the strongest ties “ ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

 In a simple word, a man was standing with a very humble background multi-talented passionate person yet so grounded. His smile just comes across your heart. He had carved the niche in any area he felt he was passionate and was top of his game and skills with limited desires to deliver the right product. Maybe that’s why he was never insecure. And this is something many people have connected or have appreciated about him. People like me want to have half his talent.

Having said that, let us see how connecting with others is a powerful skill, and how some people connect with others easily?

Somewhere I read Human Connection is a powerful currency in the digital age. Even psychologist Maslow in his theory ‘hierarch of needs’ shows our need to belong is secondary only to our survival needs. Connecting with someone is different than talking with someone, we can talk to many people even though we don’t feel connected to the people on any worldly topic. A connection can happen without even talking that is the power of emotions and feel the goodwill of the person we are connecting to. A connection is not looking for the same interest because common things may not correlate to connecting also.

Do you find yourself people talking with you with ease and without being judged? Do you tend to understand other people for what they are not speaking but want to convey? Do friends whose value system matches your value system are the ones surrounding you? Do you listen to listen rather than to reply to people? If the answer to anyone of the above is yes, you are on the path of connecting or connecting with many.

I don’t want to give formula but would bring to you the “The Art of Storytelling “is the niche in today’s world because that gives other people to have a window to your thoughts and decide whether they want to relate or associate with you. So, in the world of all the façade, technology, and data most important thing, people are missing a genuine connection and want to be connected. If you can connect with people, you will not only able to connect and inspire people but also lead a fulfilling life of growth and become better in any area of life you want.


“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” ~ John Lennon

To summarize, the power of connection I will take myself as an example in the case of SSR is that I have committed myself not to watch any Bollywood movie for the next 3 years. Reason being if there is an unknowingly also mafia behind his death, power of these biggies comes from the movies we watch. And 3 years is sufficient time for the right content to survive rest will wither away. I do not want to support newbies without good acting skills and all propaganda seems useless for time being but supporting newbies or biggies will lose the right agenda of focusing on the content . Content and the value generated should be king in that area, not the other way round. May be my take will be a drop in ocean, but I sleep in peace each night for some time.

In short, he connected with many including me, and let’s take that virtue forward and try to imbibe in ourselves. Each interaction we have with anyone should feel connected and trusted with us. Some people will not match your value system and don’t fuzz about them. But those who have a similar value system should feel valued and have each other’s back.

Thing to ponder upon for me why people who are standing with SSR were not able to stand by his stand earlier when his smile was brighter earlier.