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The Story Behind It

“Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.”
—Albert Einstein

Especially for staying together Gravity and habit can’t be the reason.


Why do 2 people stay anytime with each other? Because they love each other? No, you can love somebody and yet choose not to be with them. But what is it that makes somebody stick was the biggest question I have these days watching 2 celebrities in Big Boss 15 House KK and TP. As a man do you ask for respect every and then?  Really !!! I am quite amused with the way things have been going and why she is being asked to believe that she is less than her partner in every way. Why do people think that female is meant to be a support to a man? I am not sure whether I should be angry or I should be laughing out my heart. Anyways let’s solve my troubles later but focus on the basics of the 2 requirements both partners have in a relationship. It will not be LOVE that will sustain the relationship. 

“Love is not a reason to tolerate disrespect”

Coming back to the story of KK and TP. Having a bird’s eye view of what has happened here is the girl who has gone through her life earning more than her boyfriend and not flaunting how much she earns? She has been asked to believe that she should think that her boyfriend should win sacrifice what she has in the background and what name she has in real life. It seems like a movie of Abhimaan of Jaya Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan. Why would someone who loves you ask you to think more of them and in the process ask you to think less of you? In the process it will break you down in ways you will not even know before you know you have lost the confidence. We are seeing the same with TP. Is it worth being with a guy who doesn’t stand for you? Who doesn’t let you win and wants her to play so that she can be one in the top 10 first rather than you going first? When you have friendships outside of the relationship, imagine your partner questioning it. Why do you have to be friends with the people who your partner trust? Is the trust between the relationship so low or so cheap that it can be easily taken? If this is the case can’t you raise the questions in a reverse way also when you are not sure about your partner’s friendship if they don’t stand for you? No, if you do that then you are not a good partner. Doesn’t other partner have their own mind and thoughts to live by their own and have to be the supporting pillar always.

Relationships are a different ball game that some people haven’t been raised to understand. It requires some trust, some respect, and some space. Space to nurture their own interests, friendships including those of the opposite gender. Now imagine before getting romantically involved you know the person in and out. Would you still doubt your partner? No the problem in the instant gratification world is that they instantly go after the person they like instead of focusing on the qualities of the person you want to stay with. Would you stop talking to your friend because they don’t do as you want them to do then it was an exchange same happens with relationships also? Many are able to move on easily because they never made the space in your heart but were there as filler or pitstop. Relationships exist with space when you suffocate each other with responsibilities and the way each has to behalf. It’s almost like we have used more stress than a rod can bear rod breaks down and the same happens in relationships also. so if you want to live with somebody without space you can’t sustain. People changes over time and the journey but what doesn’t change is the basic principles and values they follow. Give them time and space to understand whether you are compatible. Also, do you both have calming energy, do you respect each other? Can you trust your partner when they go with the opposite gender? If you think worst will happen worst will happen. I am not one who says don’t trust your instincts also. I have been saved in my life because of my instincts. So trust your instincts, look what energy somebody brings to you. If you enjoy don’t be in rush to commit but be interested to discover yourself and your partner in the process. I have seen relationships where people have cheated after being in relationships and have seen people showing commitment even when there was no official commitment. People who have to do will do it. So instead of looking for a good couple of Instagram pics, look for what you both create together. Leave the castle building activity when you both are ready. Build it on a solid foundation and see how you are treated whether your needs are met rather than living a delusional life.

“Don’t smother each other. No one can grow in the shade.”~ Leo Buscaglia

Be you Be who you are, people who match your energy and vibes will surround you soon. So stop focusing and obsessing about someone and be ready to leave something if respect is not served. Also, there will be some differences anyhow when two people live together. Two people will stay together because they act as a team and they don’t want to give up on each other. So always stick to the people who stick with you and respect you.