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Have you ever felt agaped and elated, all at the same time? This was how I felt after watching Rockstar. I was flowing freely as if performing a ballet act and going through gamut of emotions as movie was progressing on the 70mm.Cinematography was marvelous where embroidery on a piece of cloth with multi-coloured thread was delicately handled. Where on one hand I was stunned after watching the performance of a Ranbir Kapoor and Lt. Shammi Kapoor ,their eyes never needed any word but bewildered on another hand by the acting skills of Nargis Fakhri. Even though she had strong screen presence and beautiful face but Imtiaz Ali could have taken someone with strong prowess in acting to match with the Ranbir Kapoor’s acting skill.This was so much evident when Nargis wanted to run away from herself also after waking up and watching Ranbir kapoor next to her, Ranbir running after her. This scene was so classical scene of movie where director wanted to show the struggle with yourself in form a ballet act upto which Nargis couldn’t live.Was Imtiaz Ali not able to get the grip on the Indian audience pulse this time? Audience has loved the spreading rainbow, flourishing colourful shades all around but Rockstar created the scenery in grey shades with music alone. I felt very awful for viewers who couldn’t connect with the movie and Jordan character. Imtiaz Ali has challenged everyone to think to make sense out of the movie but he has forgotten we struggle when food is not given on our platter. When in the song Sadda Haq Ranbir Kapoor says line “ Kuch saal phele yaha par ek jungle hota tha or do parindey rahte…..” and later when Jordan sings “Nadan Parindey ghar aa jaa…” How many could co-relate  between songs first of all and then with grief of Jordan when he sang both the songs? Finally Indian Cinema is coming but I doubt on the maturity of people to appreciate the creative gem of the year.