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Writing another blog is a necessity for me right now else I would lose my flow especially after how last month has shaken me internally. I know it is not upto the mark but Silence has given more discomfort to me this time that I have to break it. I was feeling as if life is a delusion and walking day and night disconnected with things going around. Darkness or Light meant same to me. Zen Master’s lines were running in my mind that “Zen Master went to sleep and saw he has turned into sheep. When he woke up and went to his pupil and narrated the story to them. He raised a question in front of them “whether he turning to sheep was reality or sheep turned into Zen Master is a reality???” Reality seemed deep but this phase has only made me understand “essence of mind is not born, so it will never die. It is not an existence, which is perishable. It is not emptiness, which is a mere void. It has neither colour nor form. It enjoys no pleasures and suffers no pains.” Walking with this lines further I wish I live forever in mind of people for beauty I create in their life with the mind I possess.