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Love is so overrated word and I struggle to understand when people around me start looking for support from other people in their life. I feel like a paranoid woman who doesn’t understand alpha from beta why we have to look outside. I understand that we are social animal but why do we need approval from anyone. Why can’t we be support for others? Sometimes that’s what God wants us to do and face our inner turmoil all alone. We come in life alone and we will go alone many people take ages to realize that. Why do we have to look outside for things when everything is within? We all struggle to find happiness and unconditional love from others. Have any one of us tried to do that with themselves. How many times we have tried to be honest with ourselves. We live in claustrophobic society where what we feel, we can’t express even. Sometimes I don’t blame my co-passenger for this, it’s more because of way we have been brought up and asked to behave in certain manner. We all lie to be perfect at some level butdevelop love ourselves unconditionally. Stop singing “Love me who I am “because its time when you wake up in the morning tell yourself “I love myself unconditionally”.  How many times we had a heart to heart talk with ourself. We keep saying right and appropriate words to people and isn’t it time we say to ourselves. Even if you had a bad day forgives yourself. In life’s larger picture all this will not even matter what matters have you live your life? Pamper yourself when you want. Forgive and move on. This is because the more you love yourself, people around will also do that. If you take pity on yourself people will definitely do that. Time to take care for yourself and learn to stand up for yourself since if we are frustrated for what we are doing , people around us will also of bickering nature.So, learn to be assertive and learn to move on. More you love yourself so more you develop compassion and people around us also loves us unconditionally. Don’t be snobbish or rude but be your own prince and princess. Anytime we have doubt
Sunshine creates luminous environment around it and moon rays gives strength to tackle the darkness .Each one of us is beautiful in our own way. Love yourself unconditionally

So, we are as beautiful and charming we feel ourselves to be. So exude your inner beauty and let people know your innate nature.