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On this birthday of Shahrukh Khan , I wish The Almighty  bless you with whatever you want. This is thank you note to one person who has inspired me in lot of ways . But talking about me will happen later. Its time to give the due credit to The BirthDay Boy or KING UNCLE .The man who become Somebody from nobody at the age of 26. From a guy who comes from a struggled childhood immense energies and to hold himself he needs to be involved in sports teaches the world the most important lesson. Only guy who taught rest of the world that females  are also humans. Who wasn’t like rest of heroes of his time who showed to world every no of a gal is still yes. He took females as females never forced any girl for anything in his movie. His nature to understand the gal as they are and accepting them for who they are be it divya bharati in Deewana or Kajol in DDLJ, KKHH or even Devdas. Girls of my age have fallen in the concept of love because of Shahrukh Khan . So, all the guys who hate SRK because of his overacting , at times I believe you hate because you don’t go by his values.  If it wasn’t for those intense eyes saying Ï Love you Kiran “Nobody would have believed the stammering actor. Those immense eyes had the power to hold on. For me eyes are gates for emotions, if somebody cant say eye to eye anything for me it’s a lie and for those beautiful eyes have till date the power to hold me for hours with intensity with love and anger both at same time.  Those signature arms are open to take you in most comfortable place to forget all your worries. He was  so genuine as Raj in DDLJ where he taught love is never about running away from family its so strong to withstand the test of times and to convince people around you. Raj was genuine also in his real life that he married his wife Gauri after convincing her parents irrespective of all odds like different religion way back in late 80’s and early 90’s . He was one guy who have always stood by what he believes be it “Letting Audience aware of his marriage even when he was launched when rest of the stars like Amar Khan were hiding the fact”. SRK to me is a cult brand who is most influential because of his smartness and witty responses. I know in Muslims its against the religion to study somebody’s chart or horoscope but I believe his mercury and sun are conjunct or closely nit else that strong witty messages can never come . But forget about astrology, he is a self made man with a believe. May be that’s a major attraction factor I have for him, he is strong willed that He becomes 2nd richest entertaining in the world . How sharp his business acumen when he invested in IPL long back. He is one of the dedicated and hardworking guy. Somebody you cant touch emotionally unless he wants  just with his body language and non-verbal signal he gives signal. This is one of the qualities men need to learn even women have to learn rather than bad ego which lot of people develop.So, last note sometimes you unknowingly touch the life of people with your pure emotions and SRK has touched the billions of hearts with his genuine love. LOVE resides in hearts of people sometimes with electrifying energies of his on the screen .
LOVE SRK from a still a little girl in heart 🙂