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We all hear lot of religious stories in our childhood, do we hear them as another story or we search for its deeper meaning? This is most mystifying question to me. All of us hear or watch Mahabharata / Ramayana in our childhood. If we would have understood them, then why do we face problem in our lives. Even the B-School has started teaching the management from these books? Have we become detached from everything? It just bugs me most when I see Indian male being ego-centric and always trying to dominate any woman in their life. Why do I find Indian Male adopting the role of Lord Shiva? I just can’t believe what we are taught is not what is written in our rich literature. Lord Shiva was one respected and admired Goddess Parvati for her courageous. We worship Goddess Parvati in various forms and The Goddess is considered to symbol of strength and fighter against all odds. Lord Shiva accepted son born from the Goddess Parvati Ganesh. Imagine now an Indian male accepting a child of his wife born from some illegitimate means. I just can’t take this. People just remember the Lord Vishnu Avatar Maryada Purushottam Ram who has had his wife,Goddess Sita to take agni pareeksha when she had to spend some days in Ravana’s den.  But another Mahabharta epic has stories of unwed women getting pregnant and finally that son fighting with his brother but in the end just to die. People remembered them perfectly but have they forgotten about the Lord Sun. I guess we hear and remember what suites us perfectly. We are forgetting Goddess Sandya who was wife of Lord Sun, left him only because she couldn’t tolerate the radiance of his husband Sun. God couldn’t even know the same since Sandya created chaya out of penance. When Sun begot Shani as his child after union with Chaya, He realizes the truth. And when Sun got to know about it , he left everything in search of Sandya not because his ego was hurt but for his love for Sandya . Since Sandya has turned herself into a mare, he also did the same. With time, he changed the heart of his wife and took her alongwith him. When all God of Gods can understand his lessons instead to get aggravated he changed himself to win over his beloved. Have the males forgotten their lesson? When God and Goddess can have their share of stories why is that we humans are blamed for our follies. If anyone has doubt read about the Our God of Teacher, Jupiter and his wife Tara. Moon is believed to be the father of illegitimate Mercury who was son of the wife of Jupiter. Jupiter who is considered as the lord of progeny accepted mercury as his child and imparted mercury with all the knowledge, that’s why Mercury is considered to be witty, intelligent and at the same prince among all Gods.  Do we observe the essence of these stories? I doubt we do. We only believe and adopt our half cooked stories.  Are we women to be blamed for the same? To an extent yes, we are one of the strong supporter of man. Males are ego-eccentric because they breed on our emotions. We nurture them from their beginning be it in the form of mother, sister or later as better-half. We are the ones who don’t stop them when are misbehaving with us then why complain later. Haven’t we got our lessons from the Goddess Durga in her various incarnations? Haven’t male taken  their lessons from these stories ? Nothing is for eternal and if they want they will have to take care for others as they want them to be taken care of. So, when a woman cheats why doesn’t male look deep inside why is only woman asked to do so in the reverse scenario. When relationships don’t work  why is that mother feeds the boy that gal must have been wrong while gal’s mother also bugs her why he left you. Why can’t they understand their so called blue-eyed boy wasn’t meant to stay in her life and fucker , cheater and liar he may have been. When a man demands anything it’s alright why not the reverse? WE ARE BOUND TO STICK AND STAY IN THIS DEEP SHIT TILL WE TRY TO BREAK OUR BOUNDS AND LIVE OUR LIVES ON OUR OWN TERMS. AS ROMEWASN’T BUILT IN ONE DAY LETS BUILD OUR CASTLE AND LIBERATE OURSELVES AND SO THAT OUR SOULS REST IN PEACE.