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Real fabulous!!! Can some one say more for latest Tanishq’s True Diamonds Advertisement? When I was watching this well crafted master piece I was in the middle of writing another blog but somehow felt that it needs special attention. I always believe if emotions are not conveyed then and there, they lose their charm.
Tanishq Tata’s prominent jewellery brand is in India from more than 15 years now and known for its quality. Indian people are among few people across the world till today who buy jewellery especially Gold. This may be  because jewellery’s takes people’s minds off their wrinkles.
Tata’s  encashed this and came up with an idea where they changed the buying experience of the Indian masses. While they could establish themselves with authenticity in Gold market but still Indian people were apprehensive about purchasing the Diamond jewellery. Even though Diamond are said to be Girls’ Best Friend as she wears her tears like a diamond so clear and sparkling but Can we pin point reason why people don’t buy diamond? If the price is criteria then these days Gold is skyrocketing. Prices of diamonds are partly due to consumers’ perception about its scarcity. To provide clarity and cut as diamond on this, its very hard to resell a diamond. Trading value of diamond is low as consumers are not too aware of various aspects of the diamond. Once identifying this gap Tata’s once again came up with bull’s eye campaign with the objective to create awareness among consumers about numerous qualities of diamond.
This advertisement shows Amitabh Bachchan , a very cultured and stylish person who is still vulnerable about his lack of knowledge of diamond but wishes to buy diamond jewellery for his wife Jaya. He doesn’t want to make fool of himself in front of her. To ensure that before he presents the gift he knows everything, he visits the Tanishq showroom where he meets a prudent salesmen. Casting of Amitbah and Jaya Bachchan seems apt especially when this power couple is seen  together after 10 years and have again created the magic of love and togetherness.With True Diamonds it appeared as if it’s a slice from Amitabh & Jaya’s real life. Tanishq has been able to provide generic education about diamonds and convey that they exchange the diamond product at the current diamond rate in the market within few seconds.
The magnificent advertisement has covered all the 3C’s of marketing. Simplicity can’t be more cute and attractive. I am sure girls like me have always dreamt about diamond rings but confusion about diamonds has inhibited us. But now when Amitabh Bachchan is also vouching for its transparency, we women are sure to fall in love and especially I am enticed to buy a clear 1 carat diamond white gold ring.