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While walking in the jungle of her thoughts on a dark alley , Kiara put a brake on her running shoes. She must have seen a ghost anyone could have guessed? She had just seen a dark catty eye cat crossing her path. She was trying to calm her mind without entering the memory lane . But memory lane is the alley you enter with realizing it. Suddenly,  she realized what her friend has told her 2 months back in coffee shop  cats are the spiritual creatures . They are God sent angel’s to show message from heaven to humans when they are lost. She took the walk to forgot about him only to be reminded about him. Taking universe’s clue ,she took the phone from her jacket . She dialled a  number from her address book

Kiara : Hi

Him : Hi. What happened ? Why are you panting ?

Kiara : I will explain you but first thank you to pick up the call

She started to explain what has just happened

Kiara with sigh  fumbling with her words I think ….(thinking what to say)

Him : We can’t live apart for long

Kiara : I agee

Him : Let’s catch up tomorrow at coffee shop @ 8 PM our favourite table

Kiara : See you tomorrow
P.S.:- This one was part of exercise on symbolic animal.
Wish people take decision based on emotions and real life will be so easy as writing as it