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The idea of this blog came from the very comment from one of my dear friend whom I value a lot. This made me realize writing has its own cons that without example taciturn writing can lead to miscommunication. To avoid being heard incorrectly for my thoughts. I am choosing on write on what feminism, true essence of being feminist is and why many dread the word now
So what is Feminism? Feminism is nothing but a movement that helped woman have equal rights and opportunities as men. It is all about leveling up the playing field for the genders to have fair and square game. Therefore, does that mean are man and woman same? No but it just means if I want to a fighter and I should not be said I cannot because I have different set of genitals.
If this was so simple, why is that woman now days run away from being called feminist? I myself was shying away to attach the word feminism in this article. Somehow, somebody has to bring the elephant in the room and the most dreaded woman. Irony of the situation is the feminism relates to the masculinity. The job where personalities of being strong , vocal and assertive like CEO of the fortune 500 companies, Engineer etc are considered to be feminist. If the goal of feminist is to be accepted in the roles earlier played by, men then I will be sorry to say we are falling in the trap of patriarchy. The idea of feminism is to give due to respect to each woman’s knowledge, strength and experiences and embrace it well. A woman who is wearing pink dress orchestrating a board meeting can be as feminist as a woman wearing a black saree in confines of her home. It about her choice and not to be judged by other people but at that same time it should not be about bra burning. It shouldn’t be hating any gender or any person based on their choices but about embracing, respecting each other . So next time  when you see a woman consider her to as feminist as a  woman wearing saree living creating home with her presence or a single mother or spinster or woman embracing home , business with ease and choice .

And as woman based on my experience, if we are fighting the war of who is better please God we have already lost it. Each one of us bring their own uniqueness to make this universe a better place. So when we have limited time in the world let’s choose our battle wisely. World can exist only with balance of yin and yang energies. If we strive to be the best we should use of our feminine qualities alongwith embracing the business acumen. 
And one last thing , as nail in coffin , I have met more men to be feminist than woman so feminism is not gender based but a thought that everybody deserves the opportunity based on their skills and merit