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Lot has been written about the unrequited love. Strangely even as a poetess and writer, I have written the stories , poem  to the same because it’s one of the most talked topic . What my search as a coach has brought me  bewildered my brain. Imagine we as soul choose whatever happens to us not from the thought  process we have from 3 years of childhood but we as soul choose our parents to inflict on us whatever is happening. Whatever our soul has to learn in this world , soul chooses the people which will give us those experiences in form of the parents we select. I knew that we conspire whatever good or bad happens to us. Lack of self-love and self- worth is the key reason for all the bad things that happens to us. But what blew my mind was we as soul choose our parents .The lesson we are here on the earth to experience can be achieved through the parents who will provide us the same .Our self-worth and how we will react is determined by the encounter we have been raised till the age of 5 years determine our future . if your parents criticised for every mistake so when you grow and face an challenge instead to handle yourself with love and learn from it , you will find yourself talking in demeaning manner about yourself. But if the universe has conspired us to face this , is there any way we can achieve the potential we have or we are struck with it once for all? If we are able to identify the pattern we have been following , why can’t we break it ? Isn’t not possible ? But if so then why so many people struggle ? If I go to astrology people will be able to find out about this during their Saturn coming between the age of 28 -32 and another cycle around 60 years .Saturn return is nothing but the time when the planet of judgement comes over the position which was their during the birth chart , time when you become mature as per astrology . Every 30 years Saturn provides an opportunity where your soul can be rebirth by purifying yourself. Purification process  for any precious thing be it  diamond or gold it takes it come from extreme pressure. So, for even the humans this process will not be easy. It will break your ego , you will embark on the journey where whatever you value might be taken away from you. You will be humble by the end of this process but will be trusting in this process. Why  I am mentioning about the astrology? Because the science which is considered a superstition , also mentions that human has the opportunity to grow and unlearn what he has been learnt to better ourselves. Now imagine you are just the true believer of actions and that everything is energy. Our experiences are nothing but whatever is present in our Vortex. I remember listening to Iyanla Vanzant where she mentions that there was a time when there was huge cake and other kids could have as many pieces as they liked  but still she thought she never deserves the cake so  she never received it. That was one example of it. Everything is within your vortex nothing can be taken away from you. If you thing grieve will surround you when a lover is gone . Please be precise why are you grieving ? Is it the love that he/she showered on you is lost ? Then don’t be he/she could only shower the love which you have within your vortex for yourself. What is yours can’t be taken away from you. If you are the charming person you will attract the other charming people in your life may be having the intent in their heart for you. Nobody in life gives you more than you think you deserve. Only thing that might have irritated you about the partner is the thing which needs to be improved upon. You don’t meet people by chance . You meet them either for a reason, season or lifetime. Your lover who path breaks apart are those who meet you for a reason. Reason being to groom your nature. It’s an opportunity to enhance yourself. Bless that person and move on. If they are meant to be there in your life , they will come back . if not, your energies will attract someone better. Whether the interaction was good or bad but it leads to improve yourself so be it . If that person has cheated on you, bless them because how lucky you are because of them you can realize what your current vortex might be attracting.

Rendezvous you are going to have with next partner who comes for a lifetime will not have any fear of you losing them since your focus will be on how we can make a better life. But yes if you keep focusing on I don’t want them to cheat on me , lie to me . You are sending the message to them and universe that builds up only the negative vortex focusing on cheating and lying. If your vortex is filled of such emotions instead of love, you will attract people who will cheat , lie and you will be an loop. After so many encounters you will either lose your worth or lose hope. Both is not required what is required is writing qualities about the person whom you want to attract. Write how you feel  but a word of caution if you think about being dependent on other person , you will attract somebody you will not treat you right because you are looking for comfort others. Affirmations have positive message like “Me and my partner both feel liking coming to home , sharing our life “ .Everything will unravel in its divine timing . Trust the divine timing. I had started this blog way back when I read You Can Heal your Life – Louise L. Hay in June end. I couldn’t find words to describe my feelings on the topic, something would be missing. Strangely when a saw rainbow I was sure something positive is on its way. And this message needs to be passed on the people