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All of us have been struck by the Co-Vid 19 recently and it has recently put all of us in the uncertain times and uncertainity at its peak

I was one of them who was taken off gaurd and not knowing where future will take me now .
Strangely somebody from my friend circle introduced me to EFT .  It helped me calm during these times when I was alone so thought it might help you also so sharing it 
What is EFT ?
EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique to ease the pain from emotional and physical distress . As per EFT , negative energy is caused by distruption . It works on the merdian points to bring the balance back 
It let you to first acknowledge your problem and your feeling then helps you acknowledge it 
And accept yourself with it 
It lets you have the power in your hand . When you are struck by the panic this mehod will help
P.S.: if I get enough people interested I will do 15-20 min zoom call to calm your mind with right statements